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Thursday, December 31, 2009

HaPPy AnNiVerSarY To Me...HaPPY AnNiVerSAry To Me...

Happy New Years Eve! everyone!!! thought I would take you down memory lane..This is a photo taken of us on December 29th 1985..Hence the big 80's hair..and look at that makeup..I was wearing individual false eyelashes...what a huge pain those were... This photo was taken 2 days before we got if you did your math is our 24th anniversary...4pm Utah time to be exact...I worked that day and got off at 3pm..rushed home freshened up my makeup..(like I needed too..) I had to get rid of the shiny nose girls...changed our best man and matron of honor and her little 2 year old and headed off to the JP's to get married.. Oh I was so nervous as I didn't want to kiss Mike in front of girlfriends little girl was running all over the room..I wouldn't look Mike in the face when he said his vows to me...otherwise I was going to bust out laughing from embarassment..oh those were the days indeed...we called our parents to let them know what was going on as to why I wouldn't be coming home that night..and my mom thought it was an april fools lie..his mom couldn't be bothered as she was watching we headed to my matron of honors house to play games and bring in the new year..Well we did..we left the guys behind to watch their 2 year old and Jill and I put on wigs and had a horn and went driving around blowing it and yelling happy new that is how we spent our wedding night..very unconventional I must say...but we had fun..We did have a church wedding that January 18th 1986 for the immediate family and my girlfriend threw me a shower..we went on our honeymoon for a week all over washington, oregon, california, and lake tahoe and back to utah..we had a great time..would love to retrace that trip again someday... Mike is working today so I am going to sew and then cook us a fabulous dinner of a peach glazed ham, garlic smashed potatoes and a spinach strata..need to figure out something for dessert..Netflix is sending us Julie and Julia, we will watch that and then bring in the new year..;) our neighbors can't make it is us and the fur babys..which is fine by and snug and cozy at home..just the way I like it..:)
Ah I think I just found where I will be looking for a dessert at ...I went to Joanns yesterday to pick up my machine that was on order..and I picked up a few more things..I got this gooseberry cookbook at 50% off..(had a coupon)..I am not one to buy cookbooks.but going through it..they had simple easy dishes..and who doesn't love comfort food...will share recipes from it from time to time..might just be the dessert one..;)
I also picked up some brown felt to make coffee cozys with..and some fabric that I will use some of it to make seam binding with ...can't wait to try out my new machine..the middle fabric with the paws will go on a jacket I make for my mother in law for her birthday with her dog embroidered on it..and that will be the trim around the jacket...
christmas stuff was 70% off so got a set of blocks for me and my little sister..I know where these will go next year, in my new cabinets..:)
they had their halloween trims clearanced and then another 50% off the clearance..couldn't pass that up...
Here is the new machine, it irons the fabric as you slid it through the hole and folds it in the 1/2 inch that I need..there are more acccessories not included that I can get down the road..different sizes for the bias tape..I did get more pipe binding for pillows and some valentines ribbon too..oh and velcro for the cozys..
I also picked up these thread holder carrier thing-a-majigs...they are always falling off onto the floor and what a paint to put them all back in getting more organized..:)
Ah saving the best for last!!!! I did a swap with my good pal Angie of "Love the Prim Look" and I made her a hat and scarf set for her mother in law..and she made me a stove cover...I have wanted one of these for so long...after seeing everyone elses and it was on my doorstep yesterday...what a way to end the old year..I love it..didn't she do a great job..:)..I couldn't wait to decorate it up...well that is it for me..I hope you all out there in blogland have a most wonderful new years tonight and all the best for the new year ahead...lets hope it is better then this year..and remember don't drink and smart people...I have had a wonderful time in blogging..(I am hooked) and love reading all about you and what you are up too..I have met so many great and giving gals out there in blogland..and hope to make more friends in the New year!!! Take care and have a Great time!!!Oh and See you all next year!!! (I just love using that line)...always gets a giggle from me..:)
Love you all!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Mike! Your Wedding night sounds about as unconventional as ours....our wedding night was spent at my new in-laws and we had to sleep in my new sister-in-law's twin bed!

  2. That was a great story!!! Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I love the story of your wedding night, you are a girl after my own heart. Dh and I got married in a courthouse with two of his navy buddies as witnesses(don't even remember their names now), then took the train into NYC, he bought me a faux Channel scarf from a street vendor, and then we had our wedding dinner at McDonalds!

    You scored on all your sale goodies too!

    Have a wonderful day and a very Happy New Year!!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Gina!
    Happy New Year...may you be blessed with many more happy years together and may 2010 be a wonderful year for you! ;)

  5. Happy Anniversary Gina, many more are wished for you! I got Julie and Julia for Christmas, can't wait to see it too! ENjoy!

  6. Happy Anniversary Girlfriend! And oh yeah... 80's hair here we come!

    (By the way, I was 10 years old when you got married...!! Just in case you were wondering...)

    Have a great evening, Kimberly

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and DH, I love the makeup:)

    It's been great knowing you and reading your blog for almost 2 years now...I also love your "funnies" too!

    I found the shower curtain on ebay and the paint is Valsphar from Lowe's it's called Golden something:)
    Have a wonderful New Year's~

  8. Happy Anniversary, Gina! Wow,
    what a way to spend your wedding
    night! I am looking forward to
    getting to know you more in the
    New Year! Happy New Year, I hope
    you have a great celebration!!!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  9. Hey, sista!
    A very Happy Anniversary to you & Mike! Love your new stuff ~ awesome stoveboard! A very joyous New Year to you both & all of the furbabies.

  10. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year too! Wishing you both a year filled with many blessings and all things good!

    Cathy ♥

  11. Happy Anniversary! Even though I've only met you once, for some reason your wedding day sounded so "you"! LOL! Enjoy your quiet night and your yummy dinner! ~~Annie

  12. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! You guys were too cute:) Those are some awesome bargains you found and i love that stove cover! We are spending a quiet evening at home too, supposed to get snow and freezing rain later so I hope those that do venture out will be careful! Happy New Year!!!!

  13. Happy 24th Anniversary Gina!! That is quite a milestone. I enjoyed reading about you...your day, make-up, eyelashes and hair. Those years in the 80's thou, were the BEST YEARS EVER!!

    You sure did get your fix at Joann's, my oh my. Have fun with the new machine...

    Your dinner sounds wonderful. Don't ya love using those coupons at Joann's. I know I do.

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve with your hubby. This year has been quite a ride eh?

    Enjoy bringing in 2010. It will just be me and the kiddies, hubby has to work until 6 am. Let's just see who makes it until girls may be fast asleep by then. LOL


  14. Oh and I forgot, Angie sure did make you a wonderful cover for your stove. Looks awesome!!


  15. Happy Anniversary Gina! WOW - that was unconvential - but what a hoot. DH and I retraced our honeymoon on our 25th anniversary and it was wonderful. I hope you get to do that someday.

    Wishing you a very Happy New year - sounds like ours - nice and quiet!

    warm hugs, Linda

  16. Happy New Year Gina! Loved your post husband and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary yesterday!

  17. happy New Year , Gina !

    Love your pix ! Happy Anniversary, too !

    I have lots of Gooseberry Patch cookbooks.. they are addicting !


  18. Gina HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!! We were married 24 years in August. We also went to the JP, but you way out did us, we went to the Motel 6 30 miles away for our Honeymoon. I look back in sadness and disgust about it yet. Though I would marry him all over again, I just would rather skip Motlel 6.;)
    Hey I love your hair & makeup, your very pretty!
    Happy New Year~Pam

  19. Happy Anniversary Gina and a Happy New Year too. Pam xx

  20. Happy Anniversary!!! What a great night to get married!!! Sounds like your going to have a delicious meal as well!! Happy New Year! :)

  21. Happy new year and HAppy AnNiversary!!!!
    You can bet if I would have been your mom or your MIL, I would not have NOT cared! I am after all the queen of OVER reacting! LOL
    I enjoyed hearing about it though.
    Where in Ut were you from?
    Enjoy your evening.....and HEY! I'll see ya next year too!

  22. Well a very Happy Anniversary to you too. I am sorry I did not know or I would of come by sooner. Your beautiful. Love this picture.
    Great post and wow you really got some goodies on your shopping trip.
    How come I have never seen these stove covers before. Am I that out of date with things. I want one too.
    Happy New Years

  23. Happy Anniversary to you both....what a great looking couple !!! I love the big hair :) Sorry I didnt post pics of the scarf and MIL visits my blog often. She did LOVE them and has been wearing them every day. Thank you so much Gina, you made her day. I am so happy you like your stove board too !!! It looks great !!! Happy New Year to you both, hugs, Ang

  24. Oh Gina...what a great story! I loved it!
    Happy Anniversary to you both, and a very Happy New Year!

  25. Gina,
    Happy Anniversary!! My sister and her husband were married last year on Dec. 29th. Got married in their jeans by the mayor of our little town and then we all went out to dinner at Crackle Barrel.
    I feel so blessed to have met you and to have you as my good friend. Sure wish we didn't live across the country from each other...would love to go shopping with you to JoAnn's. What fun we would have!!
    Happy New Year!!

  26. Gina,
    Love your wedding story..ours too was very unconventional, but the memories ya cant beat!!Happy Anniversary & Happy New Yearmy friend.

  27. Oh Mike looked young like Pete when we got married....actually Mike looked younger!!!! You look glamorous.

    Love the stove cover!!! Angie is so clever!!!!

    Have a great 2010!!!!


  28. Happy Anniversary & Happy New Year!

  29. What a great story...thanks for sharing! Wishing you & hubby many more happy years!!!
    I love your stoveboard...what a great swap!
    Wishing you & your family a very happy new year!

  30. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Loved the story. The make-up was too die for! Remember how important that was? Ever use Aussie scrunch spray? LOL!
    Blessings to you in 2010!

  31. well Happy Anniversary to you and your man!!! Happy New Year as well!! Your evening sounds deeee-vine....just as you are!! may you be blessed in 2010!! :O)

  32. Happy anniversary darlin' and happy new year too!! What a great post!! Love that 80's pic too! I look forward to readin' your post for your 50th anniversary! :> )

  33. Happy Anniversary dear gal. Hope it was a good one.
    Love the pic. Oh never have bothered with false eyelashes but want to try them someday for fun. Gonna scare somebody though.. LOL
    Love the board too, can't wait to get me one of them. Ah someday. It is on the list of must haves.
    Have a wonderful week and the best year ever

  34. Happy belated anniversary to you and your hubby!! Thank you so much for sharing your wedding day story with us. What a hoot!!!! You and your husband sound like you're best friends and that is just so special. Definitely the key to a good marriage. :) I also have to tell you that you must be one of the busiest people I know!!!! I can't believe how much you're always accomplishing!!! Please send some of that drive and energy my way. Lord knows I could use it these days!! :)

    ~ Wendy