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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HaLLoWeEn PhOtoS and FaBriC...

Hey there!!! every year here in Washington state it is hit or miss with the it kind of determines how many trick or treaters we get and it started out kind of blustery and rainy..but then just turned into partly I figured it would be a good turnout...well it turned out great we had 29 tricker or treaters!!! I keep track as I make trick or treat bags for the kids with candy and plastic halloween rings. and this year I only made 20 cause that is usually our the 9 got stray candy and no next year will make at least 30...2 houses on our street actually had their houses decorated...okay they had lights in the windows that was it..but kids got to trick or treat up our street which was so nice..some people were told to come to our I guess I am getting a following..they tell me they love our decorations..makes me feel good to know I am not doing it for nothing..:) so the last of them came by at 8:40pm and then it was quiet..I was also running out of candy too...
These were our 1st trick or treaters...Liam is a bee and Eliza looks to be Minnie Mouse..that is mom in the background..Mom and Aunt Katie came all the way up to our house..they were so cute..They are moving away to colorado and leaving today..I am so sad as I just love this family...
2 more scary little kids..;)
and I had to laugh at this little kid as I asked him twice what he was and couldn't for the life of me figure out what he was saying..but I asked if I could take his photo so he stepped off the porch and struck a pose for me..I thought that was so funny..
okay here is someone else getting his pose on as well..I bought him another costume a jester collar...he did go to work with his dad and wore his devil costume...but I think he prefers this one...One of Tuckers good buddies is also a mini australian shepherd and his name is Henry...he is about 7 months old..and he went as are you ready for this?.....Henry Potter..he had a cape on and a necklace that said Hogwarts and carried his wand in his mouth...but DH didn't have a camera..Oh I would have loved seeing Henry all duded up...:)
Yesterday we took our walk around our neighborhood and I took my camera as this man that lives in this house always every year since we have lived here has carved alot of pumpkins for halloween and lights them up and I wanted to share these with you all...they are fantastic..wish I had come down before in the dark to take the photos..but I am at home waiting for the little ones to come..
be sure to click on the photos to get the details of all of them..

these two are our favorites...he had cobwebs with huge spiders on them...the spiders give me the willys..and his house is in serious need of work..but it all added to the spooky halloween feeling...

here is a huge maple leaf that we picked up along the way and I just had to show you how large it was...
we have no idea what this plant is..but we love the vibrancy of the purple on these berrys..aren't they pretty...
a hydranga still in bloom..we even have a bloom on our clemtatis on our gate..I was so hopefully next year we will get more...
well out shopping last week at joanns and I love fabric..I am having an affair with't resist going down the fabric aisle...picked up more paint for my signs..
also got some more $1 dollar stamps for tags etc..I love these stamps too...and I got the clip on magnifying glass using my 40% off it was $ 8.99...hoping it will help when I am doing my cross stitching projects..
Yesterday after our walk we cut out wood for my signs..what a process that it..and I took down my halloween decor..feels good to be "simplified" again..I have very little in the way of fall decor..but will take photos and share tomorrow along with some of the sewing I have got started as well..have a great Tuesday..tomorrow I go in for an MRI on my foot..yesterday took a lot of out of my foot and I paid for it last sleep as it throbbed all night and when I would stretch it out..oh the pain was so great..have a wrap around it today hoping to give it some it is hurting like a bugger when I walk..and it makes my right leg hurt trying to compensate for the left foot and it in turn is making my back ache...I hope they can figure out what is wrong..cause it is getting worse and really hurting my quality of living...I hobble around all day limping on it...and I have so much to do and another show next week and I hope I can stand on it...anyway have a wonderful day..:)


  1. Those carved pumpkins are fantastic aren't they. If you want me to make a baby smoothie for your sister it would work out at about $8 plus probably another $5 for the postage. I would advise you against getting a diaper cake from me as they are really heavy and need so much packaging to keep them safe that they would cost the earth just to post. You're a handy sort of person and I'm sure you could do a diaper cake yourself, they dont take long and you can put whatever you want in it then. xxx

  2. ROFL!!!! Tucker is the cutest Jester EVER!!!!! What a good dog to leave the costume on for a picture:)Love the fabric and those stamps, I don't think our Joann's has the $1 ones, I'll have to look again!

  3. Looks like a great Halloween. Someone's a talented carver. I can just about manage your bog standard jack o lantern. LOL!


  4. I'm so jealous that you get Trick-or-Treaters. We have lived here for over 5 years and never had one single Trick-or-Treater. I guess that's the price you pay for living out in the country.

  5. Those pumpkins are awesome! What detail - thanks for showing us!

    I hope the MRI gives you some answers so you your foot can start healing soon!!

  6. I got those same stamps! I have yet to get some of the pretty fabric though, that is next! New to your blog, and enjoyed your post! Love that dog! michelle

  7. Thanks for sharin' those awesome JOL pics ! And that jester costume was just the cutest. I wish I had trick or treaters but we live to far out in the country to have any. Have they checked your foot for Plantar fasciitis ? I've had that and lemme' tell ya it is painful ! I hope they figure out what's wrong soon for you. Good luck.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  8. Gina,
    You got about the same amount of trick-or-treaters as we did...had 27 of them. Tuck looks cute as a Jester. Chloe wore a glow in the dark Halloween shirt with a ghost and jack-o-lantern on it.
    Hope that you find out what is wrong with your foot soon. I have feet and knee problems, so I know that it is no fun getting around when you hurt. Take care.
    hugs, Cindy

  9. Your Trick-or-Treaters must have just LOVED those bags of goodies! How totally thoughtful! And your pumpkins...wonderful!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  10. Awwww...Tucker is adorable. I would have loved to see Henry as Harry Potter too.
    I would have loved to trick or treat at your house! Those little bags are great!
    Wish I could carve pumpkins like that. They are pretty awesome!
    Hope you're able to find out what's causing the pain in your foot. Good luck with the MRI!

  11. Those pumpkins are amazing! And those berries are a Beauty Bush, we have them here, so bright and pretty! Love the fabics too! Good luck with the MRI. Hugs.

  12. What a nice Halloween you had! Tucker sure looks wonderful in his jester collar! Loved all the pumpkins on your neighbors porch.. what fantastic work.
    I hope your foot feels better soon. I broke my foot a couple of years ago about an inch and a half under my pinky/fourth toe area. My foot was really bruised and throbbed for a couple weeks. I jumped into a small ditch area that was covered with leaves and rolled my left foot all the way to the left and fell and heard it pop. I did around the 1st of November that year and had to wear the walking cast until January or so. Then stayed weak. Now it is stronger but whenever my foot starts to roll I feel pain like it might break again if not careful. Do you know what caused the pain? Is it bruised? I sure hope they give you some answers soon.
    Thanks for trying to send me that is my other email you can
    Take care now!

  13. I had no idea that your foot was still bothering you!! I hope it gets better soon. That is just terrible that you have to deal with that much pain!!

    Your doggy looks adorable and I just love your neighbor's pumpkins!! We had rain here, too. We're usually pretty lucky every year and very rarely have rain on Halloween. Most of the kids came around earlier since it was a Saturday and then the older kids came up until close to 9:00. I usually shut my porch light off and blow out the pumpkins around 9 because that's when you get the older kids who don't even wear costumes. The rain and the fact that our town's big Halloween parade was actually held on Halloween filtered a lot of the older kids out, which was nice. We had probably close to 70 kids. Just enough to get rid of most of the candy. :)

    ~ Wendy

  14. Thanks for your email Gina! I really appreciate your kindness! I will make gifts from this only! Have a great day now! :)

  15. I wish I could trick or treat at your house! The goodie bags look fun. The pumpkin carver is amazing! Thanks for sharing the pics. What? No Halloween costumes for the kitties? ha ha They don't go for that stuff, do they?!

  16. Hiya!

    We weren't home for trick or treaters, because we went to do a little trick or treating our selves. :) And we went to a trunk or treat/fall festival at a local church. It was really fun. They had a huge slide. Those little kids look adorable! That one little boy was someone from Star Wars I think....Hmmm...

    I love the pumpkins, and the dog looks adorable! I love Hyrdrangas!

    Love, Joy =D