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Thursday, November 5, 2009

CaTchiNg Up...

Well it has been a busy few days..trying to get some stuff done for the show..going really slowly I might gotta buckle down this next week..but on monday I took down all the halloween decor and put up what Thanksgiving/fall decor I had..why does it take so little time to tear stuff down then it does to put it here is the kitchen window above my sink...
here is the entryway/vanity..I bought these dolls and wagon at a nursery store when they have their sales after the, cheap, cheap..they are the Honey and Me dolls..sure you have all heard of them...

my front porch chaulkboard..
I made the pilgrim doll..have to make at least 2 for my show next week..the little turkey came from my pal Pea of Whimsical Endeavors..I also put the other wheat thing next to my doll on the left..but after I took the photo..;)
This is also on my front porch..I bought this years ago...

I added one of my crows and papermache pumpkins..the tall wheat thing I got at Joanns yesterday..I purchased 2..they were regulary 9.99 on sale for 2.99...can't beat that..but now our little Pody Lynn thinks she can sit and chew on I had to move them several times in hopes she can't get to them...silly girl..:)
hopefully if you click on the photo you will see a couple of squirrels at their smorgesbourd(?) there were 5 out there just having a good time..and Pody was in her kennel taking it all in..she was in squirrel heaven..some got real close to the kennel..she was transfixed to them...cute to watch..I love watching the squirrels and birds enjoying a snack that I put out for them...
Monday I had DH cut me out some more wood for signs and route them now i gotta sand the edges and get painting...
more wood to paint..
I am making some wool felt stockings..I need to assemble these..still making in the works as we speak..
above and below are my coffee cozys that I am also making...hoping to get some more made up and done..:)

Millie (inspector 27) looking at the stuff I picked up at Joanns yesterday...I got more wool felt. some printer fabric for some twilight pillows I am making, paint, window hangers, velcro for the coffee cozys, and baking sheets..there are 6 there for about 7 bucks..they were on sale in the wilton isle..mine were looking pretty sad so I picked up more..great for my holiday baking that I will be doing in the near future..I also went and got my MRI done yesterday..and I have a follow-up appt with the doctors tomorrow..but my foot felt so much better then it had in a while..monday took alot out of my foot and I just didn't feel great on tuesday..but yesterday I felt so much a lot of running around my hair cut in a new style, went to a new gal and LOVE my new do!!! gave me a real pick me up..just what the doctor ordered in my opinion..she is a keeper and only 10 minutes from home..gotta love that as I am always running behind..well the weather is looking cold and bleak going to go downstairs and build a fire, clean house, get some breakfast and start crafting..:) have a wonderful rest of your week..:)


  1. Love your "coffee cozys" "stockings" and your front porch chalkboard. Sounds like you are very busy. Hope your show goes really well!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  2. You have been busy, I love the coffee cozies!

  3. Everything looks great Gina!

    And I wanted to let you know that a friend or two and I are THINKING of making the drive down for the big sale... we'll let you know more when we know more!

    Have a good one, Kimberly

  4. Love all your goodies. How exciting about your show. It is coming up quick.
    Hope your foot feels better soon and the doc has the good news tomorrow.
    Off to finish up some goodies.
    see you soon my friend and thanks for showing my wee turkey.

  5. Hope you find out some good news about your foot tomorrow!
    I love your front porch chalkboard too. Great idea!
    Don't work too hard.

  6. Gina,
    Love the goodies that you've been making for your show. I did some painted items today and finished up some more winter pillow tucks. Got lots more to get done before my show next weekend.

  7. I really miss doing shows. I haven't done one in maybe 3 or 4 years now.

    Your work is so wonderful and I like your decorations alot.

  8. Gina~ everything looks so cozy and wonderful, I can't wait to see how you decorate for Christmas;)

  9. Your home is looking like Thanksgiving is around the corner! I want to wish you good luck with your show as well!

  10. Ilove reading your make me feel so welcome and nostalgic. It has such a calming effect especially now when I'm going NUTS! Love those wool stockings....Pop a price and size over when you have a chance.....Happy Holidays Gina! Pam