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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WhAtchA WorKinG On WeDnEsDay..

Sorry I didn't post sooner..but this above and below has taken up a better part of my day and my internet...They started tearing up the road about 9:30am this morning and they are still working on it as we speak..its 5pm and there have been more workers etc..cause they cut our cable..cut someones power and then the phone company had to come..I thought they were coming to fix our road cause it is a mess and gets worse every "rainy" season..and then they took out my cable and I chewed the guys out for it..only to realize they were here for us/me/ to fix our needless to say I apologized real quick and fed them some pumpkin bread my friend from church brought by yesterday..and then I fixed them lunch..and I made a green tomato cake today..I got the recipe from Carrie over at Cottage the guys and the others that showed up got a hot piece of cake fresh out of the is pretty good...I used my butter/sugar/milk recipe for the frosting..they all seemed to like if you want the recipe head over to Carrie's...
so they had to dig 3 feet deep to be up with the county codes and put in this PVC pipe and our cable will run through they still need to come and dig through our yard by hand to put in another pipe that will go to the we have a temporary hookup and the guy that came out to fix our cable said there was a loose cable that wasn't screwed in and thinks it may have been who knows..but at least it is fixed properly this time...but what a mess...
okay onto the fun stuff..I made my halloween first with stencils.. will make these next year..but it looks so good with my others that I got this year..

I just finished staining this one..gotta put the clear coat of spray on it then it is done...I love the warm colors...have 3 other signs I am working on..will have those done hopefully for next wednesdays post or post them when I am done..
I made 2 angel tree toppers using a pattern by Jackie Schmidt..I changed the wings around as I wanted a more christmasy look...this one is not grunged as there are folks just not into gotta please everyone...their wings are faux fur with glitter built into it...and the backs of the wings are muslin..I used wire and twisted the tinsel garland around it to make the halo..this one is old fashioned gold tinsel..

This one is grunged.. I stainde her wings and her dress...they turned out so cute and they sit on top of the tree that I posed them on nicely...
Here are 2 belsnickles in the works also by Jackie Schmidt...I am loving doing her patterns...will post them when I am done.
My post girl came to my house only today as she couldn't go any further with all the work being done and look what she left me..Jenn Of Bittersweet made these for me..I couldn't be more thrilled with her work..I am just tickled by I had to do a little tweeking cause this little cutie was going up...

I mean look at that sweet face...I just love it!!!! she is too precious..
here she is with the rest of the decor...I love my two kittys that I bought and swapped for..they make me smile...
and last but not least here is the other item Jenn made he is on my front door..he just makes me giggle...I love him..I am so happy I saw these on her selling blog and I got a wonderful deal..and I think you should have charged more for these cause in my opinion you are giving these did a wonderful job on these and there is nothing better then HANDMADE!!! so folks out there please support us Artists and stop buying cheap made in China crap that all looks the same...I'm just sayin...:) Well I went to the doctors yesterday and I was so impressed with this new doctor..that I want to make her my primary care doctor..easiest pap smear I have ever had..the ankle and foot is now being okayed for an MRI as they couldn't find anything has to be approved and will go from there..and then I have to see another doctor for something personal and I am not looking forward to this one...and it is too personal to talk will leave it at that...well now that it is 6:30pm I am going to sign off now and go and make dinner..
oh the poor guys that were here since this morning..have to come back again tomorrow...they have/had their work cut out for them..took them longer then it should..tomorrow it is off for a recheck for Tuckers ear and then to Joanns for a few things..have a great evening and a great thursday...:)


  1. I'd slay anyone who cut out cable, sugar!! Hey, the pumpkin bread sounds good. Too bad all we ever get is a loaf of bread from ward members...LOL

  2. Gina,
    How sweet you are to feed the workers! I love your stencilling & your goods from Jenn. Also love the Jackie Schmidt angel toppers. I agree ~ buy handmade. It's the best. I'll keep you in my prayers for your Dr. visit.

  3. LOL...Love the naked brown belsnickles:) Everything looks great and hope they get the mess cleaned up soon! Good luck with all the medical stuff:)

  4. Love all your goodies! I was having cable problems and it turned out that squirrels had feasted on the cable running through the trees and rainwater got into the cable line and rusted it. Now I have wireless and love it! The angel tree toppers are so cute. I still use a paper angel made by my sister-in-law when she was 7 years old. She colored the angel and then I glued it to cardstock leaving the bottom open to slip over the top of the tree. This season will be 37 years that it has sit atop the tree.

  5. That was very nice to feed the workers.You did a great job on those signs & the dolls.Love your cat & moon from Jenn

  6. Gina,
    Great work on the crafts, as always :) I wish I could get more finished than I have. Everyone seems to be so busy crafting away and I feel like I'm still stuck on the same

    I got a chuckle out of the fact that you confused the workers...but you really made up for it by making them all of the goodies. The cake sounds interesting...I'll have to check that out so I understand a bit more :)

    Have a great rest of your day!


  7. Looks like they are really digging up around your house!!! I do have to say your halloween decorations looks great! I love that Kitty doll too!! Sending you out postive thoughts and prayers regarding your doctor visits!

  8. Gina,
    Where do I begin...I love your signs and your dolls!! And I love what you got from Jenn...that cat doll is adorable!! How very sweet of you to feed the workers, but since I've gotten to know you I'm not surprised as you are a sweetheart.
    I'm saying a little pray for you with your Doctor's visit. Have a great weekend my friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. What a mess! That's a big hole for sure! lol!
    I love Jenn's prims. I have some punkins she made, and they make me giggle as well.
    Love the pumpkin on the moon!
    Love your signs too.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. WOW, that got to you quick! I had to send parcel. This wonderful state of NY wanted $30 to ship priority, which is funny because that SAME box was shipped to me from PA priority for $5.20. Gotta love NY!!!!

    Im so glad you like them:)

    I just made that kitty with a Christmas dress and snowmen for her garland, posted pics on my FB!

    Thank you AGAIN:)