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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RoUnD 2....

Hey there!!! yesterday we got a reprieve from the weather and took Tucker for a walk..much to my aching feet and compensating for the other makes it hard to we took a short I just wish the pain in my left foot/ankle would go away..hoping to hear something from the doctors this week..Today I go in for my yearly pap smear..Oh happy happy, joy joy..:) I hate getting these..but thats part of being a lady..I we we got back I decided since the weather was decent and I hate a messy yard...I got out the blower and went to are the before was worse then last week..

Now mind you we don't have any maples in our front yard except for a Cedar and a tree that we don't know what it the front here above looks like it snow in fall colors..I don't mind cleaning that up as it is MINE!!! what I do have a problem with is cleaning everyone else crap out of my yard because everyone that lives around us is lazy and allergic to yard I spent 2-1/2 hours outside blowing leaves and I ask this my job? Mike and I had a huge tree where we lived when we lived in Vancouver Washington..and every year when it was done we went and cleaned it up at our neighbors was the right thing to do as it was OURS...I have asked the neighbors to take care of it and it falls on deaf ears...I even rake it back into their yard hoping they get the hint..I guess I need to email them all and tell them to take their freakin trees out or get off their lazy @$$e$ and do it..I have better things to be doing..and it will need to be done yet again as they aren't finished dropping all of their leaves...Sorry to vent..but this pisses me off to no extent and no one cares..and it is plain rude in my our neighbors are moving...and they think the renters are going to want to do their yard work...heck if the home owners don't like doing you think the renters I asked them to get rid of the hopefully next year this will alleviate some of the work..The back yard will wait till this weekend..Okay off my soap box now..Below are the after photos..I still need to pick up that huge pile in the front..but at least we aren't tracking it into the house...Does anyone in blogland have this same problem? if so how have you dealt with it..

Oh I love a nice tidy fall yard...:)
Here is Pody and Tucker enjoying a nice fire on Sunday...
Isn't Pody just the sweetest? she knows where her bread is buttered and she loves when Mama talks baby talk to her...she gets all squinty eyed..she is outside enjoying some fresh air as there is no rain..she loves being out there..if not she just pases around moping..hoping to go out..well I have lots to do..I will have lots to share tomorrow for WWW...have a wonderful day everyone.:)_


  1. I think that pic of Pody & Tucker is my favorite yet, how sweet:)I feel for you, I've had neighbors piss me off before too! We have 2 acres and tons of trees, so we don't rake, we just mow over them to chop them up, I guess you wouldn't want me next door, LOL! I recently had my pap smear too..YUK! Only thing I hate worse is the mammogram!

  2. Hope you had a good time at the doctors!
    It is always the highlight of my year...spreading my legs and being exposed to all! UGH!
    I will leave you with that vision in your head!
    You won't sleep tonight! LOL LOL LOL

  3. We have the same problem with the neighbors leaves - they end up IN my garage every time we open the door too.

    Have fun with your yearly - I don't miss having that particular test since they part of my anatomy was removed at age 29- woohoo!!

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  5. Gee, hope your pain has a name and goes away soon. I had a heel spur for the longest time but it's eased up. The yard looks good.

  6. Wouldn't it be great if only we had to turn our head and cough? :> )

    I'm sorry to hear about your neighbors. It must be very frustrating. I live on a state highway and I HATE when people toss trash out their car window. ARGH!!! If I could, I would whip it back at them. I need to work on my arm. :> )
    I love Pody! Heck, I'm not even a cat person.

  7. Hey Gina,
    Great pics of Tucker and Pody!!

    We all have so many trees here in our neighborhood that is hard to tell who's leaves are who's...but all of us take pretty good care of our yards.

    Glad I don't have to have pap smears anymore...had a total hysterectomy 8 years ago. Hope that the doctor can figure out what is up with your feet and knees.
    hugs, Cindy

  8. Oh, Gina,

    Tucker has gotten so big !..

    Love your photos..

    Happy Halloweeney !