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Monday, September 21, 2009

AnoTheR PrOduCtive DaY and A SuRpriSe in ThE MaiL..

Hello My fellow bloggers...why is there a picture of my woodstove you ask? well I will tell you...We cleaned the chimney pipe today and now it is all set to burn wood for the winter..we do it every year...And if you have not yet done yours...GIT ER DONE!!!..seriously you don't want a chimney fire..hubby was a volunteer fireman for a couple of years and the majority of the calls they got were chimney fires due to dirty chimneys..our renters that we had back in 99-2001 never bothered to have it cleaned..even though they were supposed to do it..( didn't have a good property manager) needless to say didn't realize it till we were using the stove and it was always smoking..and the ceiling in the living room was sort of a black it is done every year and it makes the biggest mess...but nothing a shop vac can't clean up and some deck wash...looks so good now too..we even take off the pipe you see here with the curve in it and clean it as that was one thing to check off my list...and the other was picking tators, and harvesting the hops...I even got some more of the garden put to bed..deadheaded some, dug out some and I also cut down the big sunflowwers..will leave those out to dry for the birds and squirrels..put away some of our garden tables and chairs..will put more away as the bad weather gets here..but for now..the yard is looking spiffy for just waiting for the leaves to fall and blow them outta it was a nice productive day..which I could say the same for my cold..but it is what it is...I forgot to mention on thursday our little mouse that we rescued 6 years ago passed away..our kitty Sunny found him as a wee one and we name it jingles..cute as the dickens..not sure what their life span is..but lived to be six years old...we buried him out under the tree..we could see a change for about a month and didn't think he would make it till winter..but if he had we were bringing him in the house to stay a bit warmer...but I know that little soul is up having a ball with no more worrys...
On a lighter note...guess what came in the mail today...just for me...Deb of Crows on the cupola and I did some swapping..I just love this halloween game board..I played it like 4 times and did not win yet Deb..hubby even luck..I have to find a great place to display this...and keep it handy so I can play it and win...
she also stuck in a cute little surprise..actually 2 and a wonderful note to go with them....she bought these at a garage sale and thought of me and was hoping to one day send here they are..I think they are going in my bed room...on my shelf with my other kittys..cute huh..:)
and here is the bag she made to go with my holds my little game pieces...I love the did a fantastic job on this and the board and I am so happy...I also loved the address label with my name on it and little stars around'd you do that? I have to get her stuff done..but it won't be done till my show thats in October..then I can sit and make her items...
I got my other stamp set today in the mail as was a great mail day..I also ordered 2 more this are going to love these...They come from 1-2-3 stitch they have the neatest cross stitch patterns and rubber ought to check them out..and I tell you they are fast and friendly too...Well we didn't have our steak last night..had leftover clam chowder and I must say it was nice not to have to cook last tonight is steak night..have a wonderful week..tomorrow, I have a few groceries to get..some more supplys at Joanns, and some other running around to do tomorrow..our weather is supposed to be getting out while it is nice out...will hopefully have something to show for WWW...if I get back in time to work on something...dyed the rest of my candle I am going to do some more embroidering..I am so in love with that machine and love everything I have made...just hope I have enough stuff for my show..still have some dolls to make...and purses to finish many things to do and so little time...what's a good one..:)


  1. Hi Gina, I love your newly cleaned woodstove! that will keep you and the kitties nice and warm come winter:)Wow, 6 yrs. has to be ancient for a little mouse, not sure of their life span, but that has got to be OLD, he musta been very happy at your place:)

  2. Hi Gina,
    I must say I love your stove and the coffee pot on it!
    Your mail day was great neat game board with the cat!

  3. What a great woodstove, Gina! No wonder you have such a big stack of wood!

    Wow! I didn't realize a mouse would live that long. So sorry about Jingles! He was lucky to have you...I bet there's not many mice that would make it that long anywhere!

    Love those tags I saw there too!

    Have a great evening,

  4. Gina,
    Love the kitty game-board!! Love the hang-tags too!!
    Sorry to hear about your little mouse passing away.

  5. You have an award at my place!☺

  6. The Gameboard is really something! And I love those crow stamped hang tags! I'll have to go over and check 1-2-3 out!

  7. I'm back to read your post now. I've often wished for a wood stove just to sit beside and have cider, I have one on the blog but not in my house...LOL!

    Happy Autumn!

  8. I love fall was love the board game and we have our fireplace cleaned every year also.

    I have had a cross stitch shop (brick) for years, but just created a online store and working on my blog (new to all this internet stuff)
    Take care