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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WhAtchA WoRkIng On WeDneSday....

Hey there folks! Sorry for the late post..but my home needed a deep I mopped floors, vacuumed, and dusted..I love it when the house is clean and organized..even tidyed up my craft room as well...gets so over whelming at times and needs a good that I can mess it up
Well I finally finished up the purses I was making and now am going to start some more..I have had so much fun making these, and chooosing the different fabrics to go with the design etc..

this is the newest one I made yesterday for my friend Peggy..She loves dragon fly and the bee charm is on her zipper...I love the colors that are on the front...and the green polka-dot fabric go so well with the paisleys on the front... I took it over to her last night and she loved it..took it with her to the movies last night...

I love the way the black and white ones turned out too..these are on black leather handles and are over the shoulder bags...I love the simplicity but they sure do make a statement..

and I love the little snowflake one too..there is a snowflake button on the front and the handle looks so good with the purse...Well I am off to make some more purses etc..I hope you all have a wonderful wednesday..thanks for stopping by..if anyone is interested in purchasing one of my purses let me know..:)


  1. Gina,
    I just love looking at all the purses that you've been making!! I hope you sell out of them.

  2. Gina those purses are very nice. You really have made quite a few.
    Good luck with them.

  3. Love those purses! I never know what you'll be working on next! Love your versatility!

    You made me feel house is in dire need of a good cleaning! :) ~~Annie

  4. I cleaned Monday, it needed it so bad,I think you will sell out of those bags real soon!

  5. My favorite is the dark maroon with the flowers! You do such nice work!

  6. Gina,
    You have been busy making purses! They are all so nicely designed! Great work!


  7. These are wonderful! And to think that I actually got to cut some of the fabric for these Awesome purses! :)
    See you soon at JoAnns I'm sure!