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Thursday, August 27, 2009

WhAt Do You EaT and DrinK froM...

Hello there my good people..I thought I would start something different on the plates we love and what occasion they are used for..I figured since we just did the texture thing..this would be another neat idea...As you can see above I collect the fire king plate ware and bowls etc..These particular ones come from the 40's and 50's..I have always imagined the stories these plates could tell..what with the knife marks where some of the plate has worn off etc..I love the peach lustre they have on friend Selena back when we lived in Vancouver Washington she was about 16 at the time and she was collecting this particular stuff and I had never seen it before and I was hooked..I have lost a few pieces over the years and don't collect it to much any more..I am now into my pyrex faze...but I use these pieces mostly for our weekend breakfasts. the bigger bowls are used for our salads..the little bowls and the ones with handles are used for icecream..and the little ones I use as baking cups..I occasionally use my plates for soup and grilled cheese sandwich night when the smaller plate comes into play to keep the spill off of the soup on the plate and not on my furniture...

Here they are all neatly stacked in my drawer using a pampered chef wooden rack..I love this thing...

Here is my Avon red plate ware..I only have the 2 goblets and 2 plates..we use these for our anniversary or christmas if it is the 2 of to serve my prime rib on it with my garlic smashed potatoes...

Now this is my favorite pasta bowls...I got these and some salad plates, (same color) years ago from my favorite haunt..they were intially my "fall" plateware as I love the orange color..but I use them all year round and love my pasta in them..I only have 3 of these and 4 salad em..;)

here is my everyday plateware. 4 of each color...I got the yellow ones from Kimmy as I loved them with the orange bowls and the middle ones came from Fred Meyers and the green ones on the right came from at home america I believe..I will also use these (green) ones on sundays as well..

aaahhh I love the colors of these cheap ($6) bowls..I use these as soup and pasta bowls too..( like when my orange ones are dirty or we are having guests for dinner..

and these are my favorite pyrex cereal bowls..I used to eat breakfast out of these as a kid and still do today..I love these bowls...

last but not favorite glasses..I use these when we are having guests and pair them up with my fire king plate ware for a really old fashioned look..I love how everything stays so cold and good in these..can you guess my favorite one? will let you know tomorrow...So what do you eat and drink from..I would love to see now you must post what you use so we can all see them.....have a wonderful thursday..I am having our home teachers from church over for dinner tonight...we are having the BBQ spaghetti..I got this recipe from Pickets Place and made it on monday and was trying it out on these boys...haven't figured out what to do for dessert yet..might be something with Pumpkin in that fall mood I guess..I also finished up another cute purse yesterday..will share that we are supposed to get in the high 80's so gotta water and make sure the animals are okay...Take care.;)


  1. I have a couple of sets and really want more. I have a red set for everyday use, a herb themed set and I really want a fall and Christmas set too. I love having special dishes for special occasions. I don't use or like plastic at all!

  2. Gina, Have you been snooping in my cupboards? LOL!!! I love old dishware. My favorite mixing bowl is one my mother-in-law gave me when Rich and I married in 1973. It is a big Yellow Pyrex Mixing Bowl. I have some miniature teacups and saucers that are the Fire King. I don't use them......just display. Our everyday dishes are just plain white. Our good dishes are white with black and silver edging china. I bought a service of 12 when Safeway was offering dishes for sale in the early 80's. My prize pocession is a set of old dishes that was Rich's Mom. Her secret pal from church gave them to her for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc. They are called Floragold or Louisa. Rich's sister inherited them after their mother died. She called Rich one day and asked him if he wanted the old dishes. He didn't hesitate in telling her that he would be right there. When we arrived she had them stacked without wrapping in a box outside on the porch. We wrapped them in newspaper (always in vehicle for bargains at yard sales) and took them home to be cherished. I have several pieces of old glassware that my mother gave me through the years. I have a set of Berry bowls....large serving bowl and 8 small bowls. I have several sets of china cups and saucers, Cranberry Red glassware from Avon. My favorite glass is Cobalt Blue. I've even been know to stop on the side of the road to retrieve a Cobalt Blue Arizona Tea Bottle. Sorry for getting carried away about glassware....just love the oldies.

  3. Those are great Gina! I remember those bright aluminum drinking cups, to buy them today they are quite pricey! Don't know if I can participate in this one, do paper cups and plastic plates qualify??? LOL!!!!!

  4. Love all your dishes!! I did something like that last year when another blog was doing it.

    I might try to fit one in later next week. Just don't have time right now and I still have a texture post to publish and a tutorial. UGh there is never enough time!!

  5. Gina,
    You brought back so many memories! I remember eating from those fireking dishes when I was a kid. I think mom still has some. I remember those colorful cupsfrom relatives homes. Thanks for the memories.

  6. I remember once I stopped in an antique shop that was going out of business and they had a huge bunch of those peachy Fireking dishes for like 25 cents a piece! I had no cash on me (they were only taking cash) so I rushed home to get some and when I got back there were only a few pieces left--darn it!

    I also have some of the aluminum cups though the colors are almost unidentifiable with age now! They keeps drinks nice and cold though!

  7. Hello friend...ohhhh I love dishes!!! yours brings back such memories for me and I love favorite sets are the Shenandoah and the brown mushroom ones..from the past..
    I am so glad you liked the BBQ Spaghetti..I made a big pot of it the other day with garlic toast.. our grandson came in the door and just froze and sniffed the air and said 'Maw Maw..did you make BBQ spaghetti?' When I said yes he hollered out to his mom..."I'm eating supper with Maw Maw!' lol Thanks so much for coming by...please come back anytime..hope you are having a grat week.

  8. My Mom in Law gave me all her Avon redware. I really like it but sadly it's in a box in storage. Seeing your pics made me want to go dig it out. and those tumblers, they brought back memories.
    Always love your posts Gina,

  9. am glad I came to visit you today..I love the name of your is cat nap thoughts...but I have more. grungycritters is my prims..we both like cats and prims...I thought that was kinda have neat stuff

  10. Oh what neat dishes. I too collect the peach lustre. I got a few years ago from my husbands grandmother. They have lots of stories to tell. And such good food that was served on them too.As a kid we used to dink out of mason jars and snuff jars.I still use my grannies old snuff jar for Q-tips.~~Pam