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Saturday, August 15, 2009

HaUnTed HoUse PuRses AnYonE?

I have a wonderful flaming skull that has been machine embroidered onto an off white vinyl, that has been lined with some really neat polka dot orange fabric. This purse is an over the shoulder/chest purse..It has an orange zipper with a lock charm on the zipper. This measures 37 inches long by 9-3/4 wide..Great for teenagers that are into the Goth sort of seen or just like has sort of a neat tattoo look to it.
$25.00 + shipping

Well today I tried out my new "big Kick Sizzix" and I am hooked! it cut throught the vinyl so nicely..that tomorrow Michaels is having a sale from 4-8pm with a 25% off your total purchase and I have 4 coupons that are burning a hole in my after church tomorrow I am heading to Michaels for some more die cuts for my sizzix..they had some really cute designs but I didn't want to buy any if they didn't work and they do..I am so I made 3 purses today...look at the cute little charm on the says boo on it..I put fabric behind the vinyl and then stitched around it..I added the same fabric to the insides..

this one has a haunted house charm on it with little fabri ghosts and pumpkins..I love this one how the little ghosts are flittin around the window..

The center one I gave to my friend Heather..I love the fabric on the outside..I put green striped fabric on the inside of that one as I didn't have enough fabric for the inside..I added a moon to that one and it has a snap closure..the one on the left has a purple zipper and the one on the right has an orange one..I love how these turned out the white ones are for sale..they are 12 inches tall without the handles and 8 inches wide..they are over the shoulder across the chest sort of purses..they are $25 dollars each + shipping..I will be putting these on my selling blogs as well..
Tonight I went to my friends son's wedding was so much fun and you will never believe this the brides mother and I grew up together but we haven't seen one another since I was 20 years old..been 26 years since we have seen one another..and I didn't know this either till she walked up and I am like I know you...I couldn't remember her name..but I said what is your name..and then it hit big sister Peggy used to baby sit these guys and we used to play at their house all the time growing up..they live right behind my mom's house..I can see her house from mine..well almost there is a house blocking it..but that is how close we used to jump our fence to get to theirs..What a small world that was..she hasn't changed a needless to say I had to stay and talk for a I got home with a very late dinner in hand at was a beautiful reception..they had it decorated so cutely..and my friend has the neatest idea ever using old chair that they were going to throw away...they took off the legs and just used the seats and backing and screwed them into the back side of the house kind of in and up and down fashion not all the same..and she took red pots and put plants in them..oh my gosh is is so flipping cute..I am hoping Heather her daughter will send me a photo..or I will be going over and taking one to show all of you...cause you will all totally steal this idea..Well have a great sunday and enjoy your day..:)


  1. Your Halloween purses are adorable!! I saw the pics of those cute cupcakes below. How I LOVE cupcakes! Reminds me of when I was a young'un. Makin' Jiffy cupcakes was how I got hooked on bakin' to begin with. :> )
    How cool it was for you to see an old friend at that weddin'! As Steven Wright would say, "It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it."
    Hmmm... But if I'm usin' Behr paint, I really wouldn't mind!

  2. Gina, they are soooo cute !!!!


  3. Gina,
    Great purses!! How neat that you got to reconnect with an old friend. It's funny how small the world can be sometimes.
    hugs, Cindy

  4. I love your haunted houses. Those could be used on lots of things.


  5. Those purses are so cute! Glad you got to meet a friend from the past that's always fun. I hope you do get a picture of the chair backs sounds so neat.

  6. I am not a halloween person, but you are doing an excellent jobs on those purses! It truly is a small world!

  7. Those purses are Soooo cute! I like all the fall decor and Halloween, it's a fun time of year:)