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Friday, August 14, 2009

CupCaKes, DocTors, ShoPPing, and ZucHinNi BrEaD..

Well I just got home from Decorating cupcakes at my good friend Peggys house..We had so much fun today and I learned a neat technique on how to decorate cupcakes...she made chocolate with orange frosting tinted to look red or as close as you can get..her son got married last weekend at the Salt Lake City Temple and their colors were Red, Black and White..the pictures are they are having a reception tomorrow in their backyard and I went over to lend a hand and helped decorate these tasty morsels..They turned out really pretty didn't they? you frost them...then take the big marshmellows and scissors and cut them about a 1/4 of an inch into about 4-5 petals..on the sticky side of the marshmellow you dip in that colored sugar and place on the cupcake in a flower like fashion and then put a little dollip of frosting in the center using a bag and piping it in the center and then add a strawberry whopper to the center..wouldn't these be cute as sunflowers with the petals in the yellow sugar and the brown whopper...:)

Here's Peggy in her cute little apron finishing up..we decorated about 100 of these little babies..then she let me try a nice refreshing corn salad..folks this is so flipping easy to make and light and refreshing too..take a couple of cans of corn, or the big mongo can at costco (depending on how many you are feeding) and drain the water..slice up some tomatoes..a nice handful, add an avacado or two, cut in chunks, some mozzerella cheese cut in chunks and then add italian salad dressing just enough to coat the salad and toss..there is really no recipe..just add what you like..It is sooooooooo good..great summer cooking kind of cooking..:)

This morning I finally grated up my one zuchinni, (haven't done the one shown) still debating about just cooking up some..if not will pull out my salad shooter and grate it up..but one zuchinni gave me enough for 6 loaves of bread ..I only baked a batch today..

the other 2 baggies went into the freezer for another day...

and the finished product..I took a loaf to Peg's is going to be dessert at their picnic tonight..;)

Went to the doctor's yesterday for my foot check up and surprisingly my feet have stopped the pain is in my knee..the right one feels like it wants to lock up..bent down wrong on it yesterday and now it is popped this morning and I thought that was that..but it feels like I need to pop it some more..but it won't..any way the doctor said to go another month and see how they feel and if they continue not hurting..then I am good to those expensive shoes are paying for themselves that was nice to have orthodics made specifically for my feet where they make a runs 550 not there yet...and hope I am never that bad..but you never before the doctors I went to Joanns to get more supplys for my purses..I found some of the cutest charms to put on the ends of the zippers..halloween, winter, and general type ones..more thread for embroidering on my machine and purse D-rings for the straps. and safety pins they were clearancing them out for .50cents..bought two..can use those to put price tags on my dolls..

got some more zippers in some great colors..

more vinyl in black, red, gray and winter white.and some purse was slim pickings on the handles..hopefully they will get another shipment in some more of the magnetic clasps big and small ones for the closures...I went back 2 more times through the line to use my coupons..I had 6 and I used them this time..usually I will give someone else standing in line my extras..but I went through the lines 3 seperate times to use them..
I finished the little purse and gave it Eliza fit her purrfecctly today it is a sling purse and she can put her scriptures in it..she loved it..and Mom and Peggy both got one of my room linen sprays...;)

After Joanns I moved onto Michaels to use a coupon and their 20% off the entire purchase coupon and broke down and bought a sizziz big kick..and the die of a haunted house...I am hoping it will work on my vinyl..if not back it goes for a refund..will let you know if it works..I am so excited to try it out..if it does.. I will be buying more of the dies to use for the purses as well as embroidering on them..

they had a 2 for 5 dollar deal on their I bought more.. some have sayings like dream, laugh, live, etc.. and birds and keys with the lock..

got some really neat fake flowers you use in scrapbooking for the purses and some really neat brads to go with them for the centers..again they were 2 for 5 bucks..couldn't resist..

I love these $1 tablest and cards..great little thank you's when someone buys something..who couldn't use a magnetic fridge table...they are great..and they had some festive fall colored ones.. too.. so I saved nearly $76.44 in using my coupons yesterday..not to bad...if you get your coupons online print up a couple of them and use them in seperate put your stuff out in the car, get the rest of what you need and go through the line again..I have the best newspaper guy too..he always puts 2 coupons in for me and then I take the neighbors next door.(she doesn't read hers) and my other neighbor gives me hers plus the one she gets in the I usually use 4-5 coupons in one shot..those coupons are like gold to this chick..

Look what came in the mail on Wednesday!! I just had to buy this sweet little needlepunch from one of my fellow WSOAPPer's, Gollywobbles..Oh I just love this and I know where I am putting the kitchen on the wall leading to the laundry might just stay up all year..haven't decided..but it is a little dust pan and she did the neatest job on it..I am in heaven and itching to decorate..

she was kind enough to add some little surprises to her package as well..and I was so excited to get these..she added these two cute little bags of putka pods with an angel tied to the front with the little tag that says: for you on the other side and the little note telling me thanks for the business...the other little bag is filled with putka pods and little nubbie candles..which I am so using for some of my projects..

and last but not least these cute little tags all stamped with pumpkins and flowers..very much for fall..and little note cards all put in a nice little cellopane bag..I just love these little touches and it was so nice to get...Thank you so much Sam..I love everything you sent me...:) well tomorrow it is back to finishing up those purses, trying out my new machine and going to the wedding reception...wasn't going to go and will see how far I get in my crafting..I really need to cram..haven't done any in 2 days..and really have got to get serious if I want to get all that I want done, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...I haven't even read my blogs for today...I have been busy since I got gotta go and catch up...Take care..:)


  1. Love the Cupcake they look beautiful. Have a beautiful weekend Lisa Olive Grove Primitives Australia

  2. Wow....I want to go shopping with you! The cakes look yummy. I love Sam's punchneedle....

    No wonder I can't get ahold of are shopping!

  3. OH Gina~ I'm DROOLING over those cupcakes, lol! How cute they turned out! Love all the goodies you got! My best friend who has plantar fascitis just got those expensive orthotic insoles, I couldn't believe when she told me the price!!! In regards to the 3 column blog, I couldn't do it either, I actually ended up giving my friend my password, and she did it for me. Although if you go to cutest blog on the block, you can choose a 3 column layout there and all you have to do is copy and paste the code under HTML but I was too dumb to even do that, LOL!!! Have a great weekend dear:)

  4. I hope I can remember those cupcakes next time I have to make some. I love the sunflower idea! Your friend Peggy looks quite relaxed for hosting her son's reception! I would be freaking out!

    Man, when you shop, YOU SHOP! You got lots of goodies to be sure! I love the punch rug you got, very cute!

  5. Wow! The cupcakes and instructions are just great! Yes sunflowers would be very cute! Your goodies that came in the mail were beautiful! Many blessings have come your way and thank you for sharing them!

  6. Those cupcakes are the cutest idea! You are right, sunflowers would be so pretty!

    The salad sounds yummy - and easy!!

    My favorite is the needlepunch picture on the dustpan - just adorable!!

    Have a great weekend! hugs, Linda

  7. Those cupcakes look amazing!
    What a neat trick with the marshmallows!
    Glad to hear about your foot feeling better...I wonder why it keeps moving up?
    Ahhh Zucchini bread. I have made so much...UGH!
    Do you like those silicone pans? I have always wondered about them?
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Goodies! That food looks good. I love your Halloween supplies. Hope your foot and leg problems resolve soon.


  9. Gina,
    Love the cupcakes...they turned out great!! I saw a cupcake book that I'm thinking about purchasing as Josie and I love to make them...and eat them too!!
    You sure got lots of goodies on your shopping trip!! I want to come and go shopping with you.
    hugs, Cindy