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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WhaTchA woRkiN oN WedNeSday...

Hey there my good blogging buds! I just finished up this purse I started yesterday..Kimmy and I started brain storming after the one I purchased at the show I did 2 weeks ago and wanted to embroider on off we went to get the supplys last week and after she taught me how to do zippers..super easy..feel kind of like an idiot now because they are soooo easy..:) anyway this is what I came up with....They fit right at the hip for easy access..

here is the close up of the design I machine embroidered on..

And it is fully lined..where as the one I purchased is not..I am making and selling these on my selling blog..will post this as soon as I get done with this post..I have so many ideas for these purses with what designs to embroider on to them..would anyone carry a fall/halloween purse, a christmas purse? you know with a theme on them? I have some awesome your input would be greatly appreciated.

Speaking of Posts..this is my 400th post!!! I started this blog in February of 2008 and it has been so much fun getting to know each and every one of you.. coming into your households and getting to know you..I feel like I know each of you personally..I am still deciding what to do for a giveaway..probably something fall/halloweenish..I will let you know what I decide..

We harvested 2 of our zuchinnis the other night and I have been sauteing them in clarified butter and olive oil with salt and pepper for is so much fun to pluck something from the garden and eat having your own produce department at your disposal...We are also dehydrating our herbs as well..the above jar is oregano..the whole garage smells good after we are done..
This is the parsley...we have so many herbs to dry and want to preserve since in going to waste...the parsely took maybe 2 hours is all..and smells so fragrant..better then the store bought stuff..we are getting beans finally..we still have about 10 zuchinni, 6 or so yellow squash..and 4 or so baby pumpkins..that plant has lost its mind too..I could have a garden with just that one plant..we are already deciding to make another garden just for the zuchinni and pumpkins next year...can't wait..if this economy keeps going like it is..we will make our whole yard one huge garden..

This is what I found on monday night...It is getting so hot...HOW HOT IS IT YOU ASK? yesterday was about 92 and today is supposed to be 99..wholy crap!!! that is hot..we here in the pacific northwest like our 75 degree weather with a light needless to say both window a/c units will be in full force the next couple of days..we are truly in our heat wave this week..just standing in the shade you start to sweat..I hate sweating when I am doing nothing..anyway here is sunny sitting on the counter and silly Millie in the is nice and cool..oh and Pody ann hoped in the tub...silly kitties..They will hang out in the rooms with the a/c's today..Tucker is hiding under the porch in the cool dirt..gotta make sure he has plenty of water and water the plants as well..Not much else to report on..I hope you all are well and safe and cool...

On another note...I am leaving my WSOAPP site as nothing of mine has sold since since in throwing money down the off on my own...It is one less thing to have to deal with as well and I have the 2 shows coming up anyway..and the last one went that is what is going on...may try Etsy after the first of the year when the shows are done..and I will continually put things on my selling blog as well..Have a wonderful hump day..:)


  1. You are so talented with a sewing machine!
    I wish we would have put in a garden this year...fresh veggies are the best!
    But on the bright side, we have family that have gardens, so their abundance comes to us! Yipee!
    Have a great day and stay cool!

  2. Your bag is really cute! Great work :)

    My Dad's old gf's Himalayan used to sleep in the sink all of the time...crazy cats!

    Have a great day!


  3. Very nice! Your blog is the second one today that has a fallish look to it? Sorry to hear your so hot, we've been cooler than normal? Odd?

  4. Cute bag Gina,
    where is the rain? OMG this is nuts. Thank goodness for Ac window units. Yep, sweating when you are sitting still is nuts.
    Stay cool poor kitties. Mine too.

  5. LOVE your bag Gina!

    Janene is right about being talented, everything you make is awesome!

  6. Hey talented woman, the bag is cute, but that Zuchinni is huge! The kids look cute in the bathroom. Don't blame them for styaing where it is cool. I hear that there are records being ste out there with the temps. Stay cool!

  7. Cute, cute purse!!! You do such beautiful work.
    Well our veggie garden is a disaster. When we picked a new spot for it I foolishly said, "We don't need to fence it in!" Now all we have is fat critters runnin' around with silverware in their paws. Oh well, you live and learn.
    Its hotter than heck here and even more humid! UGH!! Those kitties of yours have a great idea with staying cool. I think I'll try it myself.
    Stay cool darlin'! :> )

  8. LOVE your purse....and I would DEFINITELY carry a fall/Halloween purse! AND Christmas and ......

    Silly cats! :) Mine love to lay in the bathtub! Haven't found one in the sink yet but there's always tomorrow! LOL

    Have a great day! Your weather sounds more like Florida or Texas weather! Stay cool!

  9. Cute Cute Cute! I would use a fall purse too! I think even folkart looking ones with saltboxes, willows, crows, berry vines, raggedy's, just about any of those prim/folksy things would be awesome.. You could start a whole new line just created for prim gals! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
    Deb :)

  10. Hi Gina,

    Your purse is so cute! I love it! It also looks like that great garden is paying off for you!

    Your kitties look quite comfortable there! Our cat, Bambi, likes to get in our jacuzzi and lay down. I'm sure it is nice and cool and comfy!

    Have a great evening!

  11. I adore the bag! What a darling idea, and yes, I would carry one for Christmas, and winter also!
    Hope you keep cool......but it looks as though your garden is loving the heat!

  12. Cute idea for the bag. It looks so niley made too.

    What a big zucchini! That would be great stuffed!

    Stay cool - it is warm here but not quite that bad. Still, I have all 3 a/c's cranking too! Still, the cats have the right idea! LOL

    hugs, Linda

  13. WOW, 400 posts is ALOT, congrats!!!That purse is adorable, you're very talented! Love the kitties in the sink too, looks like a cool hangout:)

  14. Hi Gina,
    Cute Purse!! Almost all my Fall/Halloween and Christmas/Winter tote-bags sold at my shows last year...And there were alot of ladies carrying seasonal purses. I love to carry my prim seasonal handbags.
    Your kitties look so cute hanging out in the bathroom!
    Congrats on 400 posts!!
    hugs, Cindy

  15. Love the bag Gina. Lucky you having hot weather, it's been raining here in the North West of England for the past 5 days and we are in the middle of a thunder storm right now. How I long to be able to get out in my little garden and enjoy all the summer scents but at this rate all of my plants will be flattened by the rain. Pam xx

  16. The embroidered bag is really cute! I never thought of using a dehydrator for herbs. I don't have one. I usually take my basil and chop it up in the food processor and then freeze it in ziplock bags for use all winter. It keeps its flaor pretty good. As Always, I enjoy the kitty pictures. I used to have a cat who always got in the bathtub after the water drained and rolled around in the wet tub and washed himself--guess it cuts down on spit usage! ha ha