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Saturday, July 25, 2009

WhAt I'Ve BeEn Up To...

Well Kimmy and I set off on Thursday for a girls day shopping and lunch..So we headed down to downtown Poulsbo a cute little town with lots of shops and great little we had a wonderful day of shopping and just having some girl time..I don't see my Kimmy much and when I do..I like to make a day of it...;) then we headed over to Joanns our favorite place to shop..I swear we are keeping that store in we found some wonderful things and tools to help me sew better..I got this neat table Ott lite for my embroidery eyes ain't what they used to be..I also bought some scrapbooking flowers to sew on to the purses Iam going to make..and I purchased a leather foot and a zipper is universal..just a quick flip and it goes the other way...they are sure spendy...but as Kimmy says: if it makes your sewing I bit the bullet on bought em...

This awesome piece of halloween goodness was found at the local quilt shop in was 9.69 a yard....and thats all I got..but I see a wonderful halloween witch made out of this...

one of the local craft stores where I used to consign had this little I scooped it up as it will go with the laundry things I make and is one of the tiny ones..Love it..
Kimmy and I want to make some of those purses like the one I purchased at the gift show last week...only we are embroidering on them..I have so many cute designs I want to try out..I got brown, black, burgandy and cream leather like fabric..we are also going to line them..and she taught me how to do zippers..boy do I feel like an idiot..only took 33 years to figure it out..;) what can I Kimmy taught me on friday when I went to her house for some more girl time and sewing..she has a huge sewing room and we needed the space so off I went..she always teaches me new stuff..she used to tailor I always ask the expert when I need help..

hhhmmmm...I wonder what I am going to be using these will just have to wait and see...
bought some fabric to make new seat cushions for the out door furniture...getting old and not so cushy any got the seat padding too..that green one is the old one and I will use it as the template..

I got this really pretty table runner at the craft store where I used to was only 12.95...and it is is on the picnic table...

and here it is..with my candles and glass insulators..are you still wondering what I am using the baby crib bumper pads for...

well here it is!! I made chair pads yesterday at Kimmys from the fabric we bought on thursday..and toda I added those button shanks that you cover with the fabric and sewed them all our Tushes will be much more comfortable...we are having a bbq tonight hopefully with the neighbors..and having ribs and that potato salad recipe that Sue of Country pleasures shared a while back..this will be the 2nd time I have made it..and it is so yummy..the tators are mashed basically in a food mill..takes a lot of work..but it is worth yummy...and a salad from the garden...the ribs are on the stove as we speak simmering away for 2 hours in beer juice..then you slap them on the grill with barbeque sauce for the most mouth watering fall of the bone ribs you ever me..this is the way to go..once you try won't go back..

here is our sunflowers..they are taller then the deck now..and just starting to get their can see Tucker walking by..he looks puny in comparison..the stocks are about an inch around..or more..they are going to be huge..I can't wait for them to bloom...Well we are getting our heat wave this was about 80 today and tomorrow 84 and monday 87 and tuesday 91...yuk..hate it..but Monday hubby is back to having Mondays off in august but starting this monday as they switched we are going to the movies and dinner...our date day...we don't do it much and it is nice when we can..:)

I changed out my lamp shade from this one above .....

to this one ....I love it..still has the plastic on it..needed to be sure I am it at the craft store in poulsbo too..I love the black and white...goes perfect with my other decor in the kitchen..what do you think?

I also bought these cute silicone bulbs and a light adapter to make an instant lamp...

and here it is...I recycled the other lamp shade for this one...

I also picked up this vintage "looking" you know what it is?

It is holding my old wooden spoon collection...I love it..I put it in the dining room...I love it..

Okay last but not least..Carolee gave me this can of watermelon soda...a mutual friend of ours Colleen is a flight attendant and got this in florida..Carolee isn't a soda drinker and thought I might like I opened er up today..and it is so sweet and refreshing and tastes like watermelon..I love the can..I need to figure out a way to incorporate it in my crafting...

this is the other side of you folks in Florida are holding out on us..this is great the color of the soda too..
Okay before I go..I have to share a recipe that I got from Nan when we did our show last is called
Wine Cake
1 pkg. yellow cake mix
1 pkg. (reg) vanilla instant pudding
3/4 cup cooking oil
3/4 cup sherry wine or cooking sherry
4 eggs

2 cups powdered sugar
2TBS. cooking oil
1/3 cup orange juice
mix the 3 ingredients together

Mix together cake mix, pudding, oil, wine and eggs. Beat for 4 minutes with an electric mixer..Pour into a lightly greased angel food cake pan...I am thinking you could use a bundt pan too.. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes or until cake springs back when lightly touched. After removing from the pan, prick the top of the cake repeatedly with a large fork.. Pour the frosting over the top and down the sides of the cake.. sprinkle with additional powdered sugar.. well I hope you are enjoying your weekend and staying cool...Take care and have a great rest of your weekend....Thanks for stopping by..;)


  1. Hi Gina,
    Love the halloween fabric...hope our quilt shop in town has it! Great idea to use the bumper pads for seat cushion for the picnic table!!...and the runner is very pretty on the table.
    I really like the new lamp shade on the coffee pot looks wonderful with the color of the pot!
    Not sure what the vintage wood thingie is, but it's perfect for your spoons!!
    I got your email and I sent you one earlier today...hope you got it as my email page was having some problems.
    hugs, Cindy

  2. Hi Gina, I think that the wooden rack you've got your spoons in could be an old fashioned pipe rack. It looks like the one my Grandfather had and he was a pipe smoker. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xx

  3. The picnic table looks great all decked out now. Great use for the bumper pads!!!

  4. Gina~ what a clever idea you had with the baby bumper pads!!!! I've never heard of watermelon soda but it sure sounds good...figures it would come from florida, lol!!! I love your table and the Halloween fabric is great! Hope your having a lovely weekend:)

  5. Gina, I the fabric is great. I have 2 pillows mom embroidered for me with that on the back. As for the rack you put your spoons in I have one similar. Mine is oak with a mirror under the holes and a shelf below. A guy on ebay told me if it was a pipe rack it would have scoops in the shelf below where the pipes would rest. I don't know why they can't go in the other way though??? I think mine is a barber rack, perhaps for shavers. Yours looks great with the spoons though! Gotta love those bench pads! Jayne

  6. Busy girl. Wow you have done a lot of stuff lately.
    I still have a box and a big bag of fabric for you. We will get together here soon.
    have a great week.

  7. We all need some girl time, so glad you had a nice time. Love the fabric!