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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WhaTchA woRkiN oN WedNeSday...

Hi there everyone! Thanks for stopping by this weeks Whatcha Working on Wednesday..This was last weeks progress..those squares took about a month to do..took some breaks here and there...but it was long..
Here's where I am at as of last night...Amazing once you get past the squares how fast things move..I still have to finish the pumpkins mouth and nose and eyes..then I have to repeat this whole process on the other hopefully next week I will be done...

Yesterday I went back to Joanns as they had 50% off coupons and I love using my coupons..I had 4 to use plus a couple of 40% off ones too..So I bought more fabric canvas for the animal beds..I bought red and sage..(they were already on sale) for 30% I didn't go wild..I wanted more..but I really wanted to use my 50% off coupons towards these..why is it when you want to use your coupons..its already on sale..:)

I bought some more homespun fabric..left to right..stars, dogs, cats and black..oh these colors will go so well with the above canvas too...I took my beds to my vet clinic yesterday and Roy is one of the folks that works the front desk..he loved em and wants 2 for his kittys...I can't wait to get started on those for him...He loved them...

More velcro for the beds, and piping for the beds or pillows..more thread for my machine stitching...they were 50% off and when they go on buy..thread is getting flipping everything else..I also got some paint brushes..they were in the sale bin too..can't have to many brushes..

Baskets were also 50% I picked up some more of these for pet beds..These are bigger and I am thinking of keeping the polkadot I love polka dots...

I picked up some batting to put under the tops of the beds to make them more soft, followed by the cedar chip liner..Susan at our Viking dept. suggested it and it made puuurrrrfffeeecccttt sense. will make them look better and feel better..more cush for our babys..I saved a 100.00 bucks at Joanns, sales and coupons..can't beat that..

I stopped by bath and body works again yesterday as they were still having a sale on certain items..and I wanted to pick up some more things..I had 2 10.00 coupons on a purchase of 30.00 and they were burning a hole in my I bought 60.00 worth of sale stuff and paid 40.00 + tax..I won't need toiletries for a these will make great birthday gifts etc. One is going to my breast cancer pamper yourself basket that I am preparing for my show in October..

If you have a store near must get this stuff smells so good..and leaves your skin feeling like you already put lotion on is a foam and a little goes along ways with your little srungy..and you can use it to shave your legs..I have warm vanilla sugar and sweet pea.I love the cucumber melon..DH has that one..I surprised him with it in the shower the other night..washed his back with it...:)

When I got home from shopping yesterday my package from Old Annie Primitives..and boy howdy does it smell good..Hubby thought it smelled like maple syrup...and look how well it looks on my dining room table...:)Thanks Annie..We will get together I promise..:)

I also picked up some panties yesterday...its okay to show them to you this way..I'm not in you don't ever want to see me in them...:)

I ordered these cross stitch patterns from 1-2-3 stitch and they came Saturday...I can't wait to start on the photos to see the details..all of patterns I purchased have a fall/halloween theme..

This one says: by the pricking of my thumbs... something wicked this way comes!!!

This one says: Sisters of Mine, Yon Rope shall they twine, round our necks till be gnarled and a squeezin..Yet we have no fear for our justice draws near.. where they're going it won't be a freezin...I can't wait to get started on these..Their site is wonderful and I'm telling you you will find something for sure..Well the hubby is off the rest of the we are getting stuff done around the yard/house etc..have a wonderful rest of your week...:)


  1. Gina, I love the stitchery one of the 3 cats (one as ghost). I know what you mean about Joann's.....every thing I usually want to buy is on sale and can't use coupons. Of course I do exactly what they want us to something that is not on sale to use my coupon. LOL!!!!!! I'm still busy stitching Redwork. I love it....just can't seem to get enough. I'm going to have to dig out some of my cross-stitch books and look for some Fall and Halloween patterns. Might as well look for Christmas ones while I'm at it. Never to early to start Christmas projects.

  2. Hi Gina,
    Love all your fabric...I purchased some of that red star fabric, but I got mine at Hobby Lobby as our JoAnn's didn't carry it. I also got it in blue with the stars.
    Love the cross-stitch patterns...I got a couple of cross-stitch design magazines with prim designs in them.
    I haven't forgotten about you and will get what you need emailed back to you soon.
    hugs, Cindy

  3. You got some greta buys yesterday. I am a coupon freak myself & love saving money! All your work looks great & glad to hear that you sold some baskets at the vet. I think you have something going there.

  4. Wow you are a shoppin' girl!
    Love your pet beds, I bet they do well at a show, because they are different and you can take orders to personalize! I love all those patterns too!

  5. Gina,
    You made a lot of progress on your cross stitch gameboard. I can see how the squares would seem to go on forever and it must go much quicker now!

    You got a lot of great goodies!

    Love the dog beds, too. Very cute. I don't know if Hunter would use one or not. Right now Hunter and Ruger share Hunter's big pillow. It's probably big enough for one large dog, so it suites them well. Although sometimes Hunter gets tired of sharing with Ruger and then the fighting begins. They are so much like kids! LOL

    Have a great day :)