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Monday, June 15, 2009

GoT DoG? I haVe ThE BeD foR yOu..

Hey there everyone!! I just finished up this cute little doggy bed for a cute spoiled little pampered pooch!!! YOURS!!!. This is the basket it is going in...

Upclose of the design..a spoiled dog on his/her own little bed with a little crown for the dog...:)

Here is the backside with more cute pooches on it..I did a black piping around the edges and it has a velcro opening like the last you can easily take out the cedar liner and launder this is super easy to get in and out...

OKay opinion time..I want to know if I should keep the liner that came with the basket in.. or take it off completely and put this red and black tassel like ribbon glued around the top rim of the basket..?
Here is the next beds..They will be more for a 20-30 pound or kittys..(plural) is a big poster board that I just rounded the edges on...I am going to get some more canvas in red, and green and cream too..they will be made the same way minus the basket..

Here is my silly Millie in one of those baskets..I might just have to make her her own is on my cutting table..and this is where she spends her day with the mama..occasionally coming out for a bite to eat and to go outside..then back in her bed..

cleanin and a prunin...:)

I'm ready for my closeup...she is about 10 pounds and she fits in this nicely...she is in it as I type this...well today was a gorgeous day...we took Tucker for a walk to the beach today and let him fetch sticks in the water..he was a little leary and would bark, willing the stick to come to him...what a nut..then we puttered around the yard taking measurements on things that need to be finished around the yard..the lattice work on the deck, the stair railings measured..Mike fed the veggies and plants their weekly food (miracle grow)..he is so diligent about it..then he climbed the garage roof and powerwashed needed it desperately..cleaned the windows and the sky lights in it...we get alot of moss around here in the it was time..still have the sides to is a barn style roof...then we are cleaning the house windows..we will probably be amazed at how much more light we get..:) its been years since we cleaned em..I get the lower level ones..but the 2nd story requires a tall ladder..Mike is taking some vacation time this week so we can tackle some of these projects..Oh I have one more question..I want to paint my vanity in my bathroom I want a high gloss or is just a front and 2 doors with the 2 fake door is built into the there are no sides..Thanks for your help on this one....Take care and have a wonderful week...:)


  1. LOL...looks like silly Millie has already claimed her bed!!! Those are adorable! I got the bunnies little cushion beds a while back, one just chewed hers all to pieces, and the other was leary of his and wouldn't go on it!Go figure, lol!!!!

  2. My vote on the black paint is satin, high gloss is so 80's! lol Love the beds either way, there adorable!

  3. I vote for the satin too:) Love the last pic of Millie...the beds are great unfortunely Buster is to big:)

  4. Love the doggie bed.....the little dog on it is so cute. I love the photo of Millie in the bed.

  5. I vote satin on the paint. You will be glad in the long run that you did. Have fun doing all your house chores. You are one creative woman with all these animal designs you are making. Are you thinking of reaching out & broadening your horizons with these designs? You do a fantastic job!

  6. Millie looks pretty comfortable there! Your beds are really cute and evidently, they're comfortable too!

    I vote for satin paint! It's what we use on everything...I love it!