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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CaN yOu SaY ExhAuSteD...

Hey there Blog buds!...Well Mike and I have been busy!! Yesterday we tackled and finished the upper portion of the garage and shed..Been wanting to do this for a while..(winter time project) too cold to do this in the the last 2 weeks have been spent throwing away and organizing the those feels so good now..just wish I had taken before photographs so you could truly see what I was talking about...I love being orderly and tidy and these 2 spaces were driving me does feel so good to get it done though and be able to find stuff and actually get around with ease..Here is our flag flying since memorial will probably stay up till after labor day...This weekend I think I am going to decorate the porch for the 4th so I can enjoy it now and till the end of July...

This is where I will be after I am done here and when Mike comes home it will be a bit cooler is 84 degrees out and just too bloody hot for me..I am a 70's kind of will be a bit nicer by 5pm so I will take out my huge stack of magazines and the babies for an afternoon siesta..right now the A/C is on in the bedroom and I have ceiling fans on everywhere...There is the laundry from this morning. got the 2nd batch out drying..they are probably done in this heat..Today was a busy day too..woke up feeling great after spending nearly 8 hours out in the heat cleaning and organizing..I was feeling it last night and knew I would pay for it..didn't sleep well but feel great got 2 loads of laundry done..(you can see the french doors and stairs leading to the upper portion of the garage) where we spent most of our day yesterday..:)

Pork Roast in the crock pot with red peppers, parsnips, celery, whole garlic head, baby carrots and later will add Orzo..It is smelling so wonderful..I love crockpotting..especially on days like today..I also cleaned the house..mopped and cleaned bathrooms and a clean sparkling house...

Then I stepped outside to take some photos of whats blooming...The iris' and poppies and rhodies are blooming in these 2 photos..and the foxglove too..

Here is my peach/salmon colored Poppy next to the veggie must have 8-10 blooms on it and 2 are blooming right is looking so good this year..taking out the photenia bushes made a huge difference...I am so glad we took those out..other then looking at the neighbors yard we are glad they are gone..and everything this past month of May has all but has been a wonderful month..our garden is growing by leaps and bounds...we hope this continues..:)

These next 2 photos are of the hopps plants in june of 2007 they were new baby hopps...

the next 2 photos below are of the hopps today june 2nd 2009..What a huge difference huh? the two outer ones have hit the roof yesterday...and they are only half way through the growing season..Mike usually harvest hopps in September..and last year they were growing on the this is going to be something to see..I love how they look on the house..adds to the cottage charm I think...

here is another view of the veggie garden..that barrel is our food waste composter that we turn and come planting season is used to till in the soil..

Here is Mr. Jingles our little mouse..can't see him..hes on the right sound asleep..I cleaned his little cage yesterday and he got fresh food and water..we have had him since he was a minute baby for 6 years now..He is in the shed..

Speaking of shed here is the cleaned and improved shed minus the nice paint job on the floor..a can of paint got away from Mike and spilled all over...

This is where I putter, and store the garden stuff..You can se Jingles cage..I am hoping to get back into woodworking again so this is where I will do it..

Mikes tools in the back room of the shed..this used to be our storage unit before we had a garage..that and underneath the crawl space of the house..

Here is the upstairs portion of the garage the end is Mikes bullet making station..and all the sides are filled with bins for my shows, holiday decor, garage sale stuff, boxes for packing pursposes...the outdoor kittys sleep up here.they have beds and there are rugs they sleep on up in the rafters..the wood in the center is to finish off the stairs leading up here...gotta get the side railing up..hopefully this year..those steps are steep..

a view of the french doors of the upper give you an idea of how cluttered it was you couldn't get the one door that is closed open..too much it all went and it wasn't that much...but it was just thrown in a pile and it seemed bigger..all gone in the truck to the dumps...we are going to put down limoleum flooring and close off the side and possible split the room up not sure..but for now it is clean and tidy and I can easily get to stuff now and hopefully with the garage sale that I do in July..that will open up more space...and hopefully some money in my pocket..:)

Here is Margy fargy rolling around the gravel driveway..

here she is all dusty and dirty from said rolling...
Nap-a-pop on the front porch...

Sillie Millie all snoozy in her favorite spot..

Sunny and Gracie on the kitchen table...trying to stay is much cooler downstairs the fans going..

and my favorite magazines..just waiting for me to take them outside to read and you can see I have alot to catch up on...It was a very prosperus weekend and we got so much done..and the house is clean to boot..gotta love that...I hope your week is a beautiful one..ours is supposed to be like this through the weekend..yippee...:)


  1. Wow, 6 must be pretty old for a mouse? Not sure what their life span is, but I had 3 white mice when I was a teenager and I know they weren't around very long:( Can't imagine you having a mess to clean up ANYWHERE...your home and gardens look neat as a pin to me:)

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  3. I had a field mouse for 55 months.. I got him as a tiny baby and his eyes were closed and had to feed him cat milk replacer with a coffee stir straw..drip by drip... He would get the milk all over and make a big mess. If he got the milk on his tail, he would hold it in his tiny hands and suck the end like a nipple.. I'd have to sit there and wait till he was done to try and feed him again. He would fall asleep in my hand, and I would hold him for hours and sometimes fall asleep myself. I'd have to wash him with a wet warm Q tip, and he would squeel!! He ate oat meal and people cereal ( soft food) when he got older..because his teeth didn't match. Every 2 weeks I would have to take him to the vet to have his front teeth clipped so he could eat,$2.00 it cost to have that done. Then the vet showed me how to do it and we would do it at home.. I would have to place 1 square of toilet paper on his belly when we would flip him over to clip his teeth..Other wise he would pee on us and he was a boy so we got shot at allot if we forgot to cover his gun! I called him BB, cause he was my little BEE BEE (BABY).
    (had to delete the first post because I haven't learned to spell yet!)

  4. Your garden is looking great now, those hops have grown like magic. The pork pot roast sounds delicious. You've been working very hard on your garage to get it so clean and tidy. Pam xx

  5. Wow, Gina, you & hubs have been busy. Your garden is looking fantastic, send some of that nice weather to Mi. We are still getting frost every night. Very bad spring this year. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Gina, I just love your house! And I've gotta get me some hops, I had no idea they got that tall, love that! Everything looks so great, you should be proud! Enjoy those mags!

  7. Wow, you were a busy girlfriend! But it looks fabulous, so it was worth it, right? I love your house -- so cute!! Garden looks great, too. I can't imagne how you keep a mouse with the kitties sniffing around! They are SOOO cute.(the kitties, not the mouse!)

  8. You have been one busy girl as we have also been cleaning out getting ready to go to flea market to sell, & then garage sale.The garden looks marvelous, & a mouse for a pet? that is pretty cool.

  9. I love your incredibly cosy & pretty home! The yellow is fabulous! The yard, the flowers, the French doors .... can I come over?!!! And those wonderful English craft/sewing magazines that is sooo lacking over here....sigh. Hey!...we can swap owls for mags :))