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Sunday, May 31, 2009

WhAt I hAvE bEen Up To...

Hey there to my Blogging Buds!!! Can I have a Hello from you all!!! Today is gorgeous yet again and according to the forecast it is going to be gorgeous this whole week..May was definitely a total suprise for it is usually rainy mixed with some good days..but this has been just fabulous that we were able to get the garden done, bark the yard in, power wash the patio and just sit outside and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us..usually this all doesn't get done until June or we are so ahead of schedule now I can just go out and maintain and hopefully when we get the trees taken out we can move to that back portion of the yard that has been in desperate need of some TLC for 15 years..we just seem to dabble back there and we would like to get it done once and for all so we can get to that maintenance stage of will make the yard seem so much bigger and it is..but your eye stops at that last time to get it done..cause I am not getting any younger...;) Friday I went shopping to Joanns, Value Village, Goodwill and Lowes..quite the shopping day...I picked up some bed sheets.. no not to use on my bed sillies..but to make rags for my rag stuffed dolls..Robby my good pal in Scotland does this..of course I never thought about it...and got rid of a bunch of had to purchase more..she has the best ideas...:)

I found some great wood items to make over...I have never seen the candle sconces in our area before only on the blogs I go too.. so that was nice..I am painting these all up including that soap towel sign..I will paint it stain it, and put another stencil on it..will look so much better then it is..

I also picked up some more aida cloth to do stitcherys on..There is red, purple, mauve and blue..will have do do some spring type ones on the purple and mauve..

Robby here is your floss that I picked up for your stitcheries..I love the colors and now want the same...I still have your list of numbers and will get these down the road...

I found this cute little basket and mold to use for those pantry hardcakes you all have been making..I want to give my hand a shot at these..I love the red gingham on the basket..not sure what I will put in it...but it was in great shape...

I picked up some folkart stains for Robby and one for me..I also got some stencil paint creme..I love this stuff cause it doesn't bleed especially when you are doing letters or small it in black..I also got more binding for my pillows..I love using this stuff and it really finishes the pillows to look more professional..and glue sticks..I use these when I convert my patterns onto posterboard...

upclose for Robby so she can see the stains..I got her maple, and walnut and got the mahogany for me..

I am in love with fabric..I really am..I found these 4 pieces that I will use to make some really neat praire/colonial rag stuffed dolls..the patterns are by Pineberry lane and Jackie Schmidt...I love their had to get some neat fabric to make them with...

I also bought some more osnaburg to make the said dolls with as well as black out fabric to put behind my curtains so our bedroom stays darker..I hate being woken up with light in my room...I am the original vampire..I love it dark and gotta transform and make curtains for both the bedrooms as Hubby sometimes sleeps in the guest room when I am snoring enough to wake the dead...:) sexy huh..

Well there are lots more photos of the yard...I am loving our yard this year..I think I say this every year, but I always forget how pretty it all is until it all blooms...but especially this year with this garden re-do of sorts..the little ladder on the left that is faded looking was also a TS find on friday..

The Rhodies in the front yard are in bloom..the little one not shown is just starting to bloom..along with the poppies that are yellow and the forget me knots and the foxgloves are just now starting to bloom.

We have a gazillion columbine in our yard all in bloom and different colors, shapes etc..I love these plants..the lambs ear still has a ways yet...

the forget me knots..I love me and they will probably re-bloom again...:)

the veggie/kids garden after a good watering..I love it when the soil/bark is all dark and wet..looks so rich and the plants just pop and I just love that!! The garden is growing by leaps and bounds every day..I think our garden is going to be a good one this year.

upclose of the lettuce/herb area..The lettuce is on the bottom tier and just growing like crazy...I love to be out watering and just pick some lettuce, arugula, chives and have a little salad while I water...nothing better in the world then home grown food or as I say..Homemade...Yum...:)

I mowed the lawn yesterday afternoon when the yard was a little shadier like around 4pm....I love the lawn when it has been mowed and you can still see the lines in the lawn...looks like carpet after it's been vacuumed..nice and tidy...there is Tucker chewing on his bone all content and happy with life...The sunflowers are getting taller in the pot in the center..our strawberrys are getting their is almost ripe to eat..The tomatoes are getting their it won't be long their either..

Here is Pody enjoying a siesta on our bed..I tried taking her photo outside yesterday but she was being to cute and moving too much to get a good one of her...she just loves being out doors and this is what she brings me from time to time..

She will bring her mama a leaf that she searches for and walks up and drops it for me..its been a while since I have gotten one from here..she has a hay day come fall..and then I bring those in an decorate with them in my fall decor..she is the only baby that will bring me a leaf...I just love this and it just tickles me pink so see her come out all serious like with her leaf in her mouth..and she waits for a love when she gives it to me..and I gladly give her lots of loves..:) she is the baby after all.:)

Here is Nap-a Pop (his name is Napoli) but he goes by Nap for short..he is enjoying being with us..all of our babys love to be with us in the yard when we are out..Margarita steers clear because of the indoor kids namely the one below..she is a tyrant and chases her off..and she is younger then Margarita aka Margy fargalina..

Gracie the Queen bee enjoying the sun... she is a busy kitty, making sure her kingdom is ran her way...she takes no crap from any of the kittys..even the boys steer clear of her..this is her domain...period..

she is our serious one...but she has a good heart and can be so loveable when shes not flitting around us...

Nap on our chairs..he is such a good boy...loves to be loved and our postal girl loves him and he loves her...

Our precious silly Millie who is Gracies sister..She can be a tyrant with her sister too..guess it is a sister thing...

and last but not least our Sun E Bunny...she is our sweet shy girl..and is my girl..she used to be her daddys..but she knows where her bread is buttered..after all I am the "Lunch Lady"...she sleeps in between us at night up by our pillows...that is her spot..and she visits me all day at my computer for love and food...

Here is Tucker trying to get Gracie to play with him..he is pouncing and running trying to get her to play..but she will have no part of it..he is such a ham and his favorite is his Pody..if she is doing something he has to be doing it with her....he high 5's us now and low 5's us and give us some skin...You know those little handshakes..he loves doing it too..cause it usually involves a treat or a pat on the head..Well today I am off to church and getting some boxes packed up for a swap and a late (really late) birthday gift..tomorrow we are tackling the upper portion of the garage and getting it all out to the dumps...oh it is going to be so nice to not see that junk anymore..I hope your sunday is glorious and your week ahead is nice too...Thanks for stopping by and listening to me ramble...I truly enjoy this blogging thing and all the wonderful folks I have met along the way...:)


  1. My, my you've been a busy bee! Rich and I did some yardwork yesterday and took trash to the dump. We've had beautiful weather here is Southern Oregon. Yesterday and Friday it was in the 90's. My garden is growing too! We've been enjoying lettuce, radishes, garlic, green onions and chives. Looking forward to green beans, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, beets, carrots and cantaloupe later.

  2. Hi Gina~ Your yard and gardens are picture perfect!!! How sweet that you get a leaf as a gift! My shepherd once brought me a dead mole as a gift, LOL! I love the long basket and mold you got, that will make some awesome pantry cakes:)

  3. oooohhhh you got some great goodies...and I love my stuff!!!! Hey I know another think I would love if you ever see another one...a pantry cake mould like that one!!!!

    Love all of the pics of your pussies too!!!


  4. WOW!!! We are enjoying some nice humid free weather here in PA too!!! Love the materials you picked up for your dolls.... can't wait to see them.

    Your garden looks wonderful! I just took some time to weed out some chives that have taken over my herb garden...... it should have been done weeks ago!

    That is so funny about your cat bringing you leaves.... so cute!!!

  5. Wonderul garden, I am envious of you for your garden. It looks like a really good garden this year. I would love to have a salad please! with French Dressing. Family pics are nice too, they all looklike they are having a great time.

  6. I wish I had your energy! Love the yard, I too love a fresh cut lawn! Your shopping goodies are nice too, love the fabric!

  7. Gina,
    Can't Wait to see your finished dolls ~ love the fabric you chose. Those 2 gals are my favorite pattern designers. Your yard and garden are awesome. Way cold here in Mi.

  8. Oh you are a busy girl. The garden for us this year will be very small as we need to redo the bed. Oh bother. Hopefully we can get all the boards replaced before fall.
    Yours is how I hope ours looks next year. Lots of work a head of me.
    Love the kitties. They look so sweet and Tuck is so adorable.
    Thanks for the inspiration girl.

  9. Gina,
    Love the pics of your yard and garden!! Your kitties are just too cute!! Of course Tucker too!!
    I got your email and will be getting an email back to you soon with what you needed.
    hugs, Cindy

  10. Hi your babies! Millie is my favorite! Your garden is looking great...all this wonderful sunshine we're having. Thanks for the heads up on the Puyallup show. Hey...if you want to ride the ferry over, I'll come pick you up and we can head over there! I'm definitely going to go...sounds like fun! ~~Annie

  11. Whoa! Awesome photos of your garden, your flowers are beautiful.. love it!! LOVE that fabric, yep, I too am addicted to the stuff. I use sheets to rag stuff my extreme prim dolls works like a charm. Great finds on all your goodies too!
    Have a great week!

  12. What a great post!! Everythin' looks fantastic!!
    I want to go goodwill shoppin' with you! You find the best stuff! :> )

  13. I'm so jealous of your yard. Everything we plant in our yard gets roasted from the heat and dies.

  14. You know, I could be like one of your cats and just lounge away on that patio and in that garden. Love all your shopping finds.
    Have a blessed day

  15. Helllooooo! Konnichiwaaaa! I love yr yard too - so spacious & so colourful!