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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WhAtcHa WoRkiN oN WeDneSday

Welcome to another episode of "Whatcha workin on Wednesday"!..I have participated in this one in a long time..but first a word from our Sponsers..Thank you my blogging friends out there that wished me a happy birthday! and Thanks to Rob I know where the fountain of youth is..its in my heart where its always been...just been tucked away I guess..I stayed at home and had a lazy day in my pjs..what else..gabbed on the phone with my little sister for about 3 hours...I miss talking to her so we played catch up...Mike brought home Thai food from Sawadtys on the island..oh their food is good..we have enough for lunches you know what I am having for lunch..I stitched on my lasted I am needing bifocals I tell you..might go an get some reading glasses for this up close work..but I am enjoying being able to watch TV and keep my hands busy...I got a call from our Home teachers and he and his Dad sang happy birthday to those fellas can sing and in such harmony..they sing at our church and I love love listening to them sing..never thought I would enjoy being serenaded too...but I love it..they did this last year only it was all 4 of them..3 sons and the dad...made my visiting teachers Peggy and Betty, (I just love these ladies)..came by and dropped of a birthday surprise of 2 plants that i have in that new thing I made in the last post..gotta get a few more plants and I am in business..and a card and a cupcake with 1 candle in Mike lit it sang happy birthday to me and I made a wish, blew it out and ate my fudgy brownie like cupcake with Milk..purrffeeccct end to a laid back day..I also got numerous E-cards from my blogging friends..thanks for thinking of me on my day...:) okay back to our regularly scheduled programing...:)
I have been doing stitcheries lately as I said and enjoy doing it..the one above was my first and it shows..but it is prim and that is how they should look rough around the will be a little pillow with a hanger..this one above will be a round pillow it just has that shape written all over it...

this is a machine one I did some time back and just tossed it too will be a pillow...

This was done on stained muslin...

this one I just finished the other night it is done on computer you can see the line above..I will turn this into a americana pillow as soon as I stain it up..

I want to frame this one..Question to all of you that do do you go about framing these so they are nice and taught and stay put in the frames..any ancient secrets you can give me would be greatly appreciated..:)

this one was simple and easy to do..again I will frame this one..

I did this one on monday...on wool felt.. This will be a pillow with seam piping around the pillow and halloween fabric for the backing...this is machine cross stitch and this took 4 hours to do..lots of color changes but it turned out so nice..what do you think? I love the cross stitch machine embroidery..

this is my latest project...titled "By the Light of the moon". this is done on 14 count aida cloth that I picked up at the thrift store...I just got these new patterns from Lisa at the primitive needle. I ordered 3 patterns and she threw in 2 extras and this is one of them...she specializes in halloween..oh I love her stitcherys...stop by and take a peek at her items you will love that is the end of our program..I hope you enjoyed it...I am hoping to add other programs like this...LOL...I hope your day is a wonderful one..the weather here is a bit overcast..but not raining...yet...working on two shows this year gotta lot to do to prepare..anyway..have a great rest of your week..:)


  1. Love all your stitching! I'm trying to get into primitive stitching....right now I'm collecting patterns and ideas! I love the Americana ones. Now I need to learn to tea-dye my fabrics. Do you do it before or after stitching?

  2. Gina,

    Sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday, so "Happy Belated Birthday". It sounds like it was a good one!

    I LOVE all your stitcheries! All of the ones with flags and prim houses are my favorites! Yours are great!

    Have a great evening,

  3. Ahhhh ...Gina ..I'm already tired and now I read your post and I feel like I stitched with you so now I am doubly tired ..LOL !!

    Your sitcheries are Beautiful !!

    so what I have been working on ..Well got more items add to our Etsy Store and our Website ..Stopping right now and going to have a skinny cow ice cream and watch a little tele...

    Glad your Birthday was a good one and Hey I think I might like that serenading thing too ,,!!!

    Blessings ..Sara

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to You...Happy Belated Birthday to You...Happy Belated Birthday my dear Gina...Happy Belated Birthday to youuuuuuuuu!
    I can't sing worth a darn...but I sure can type! LOL
    I'm glad you had such a wonderful day!
    And your stitcheries are amazing! I am so jealous!

  5. Hey Gina - I missed your birthday, so 'Happy Belated'! I've been doing stitcheries too, after a 20 year break - I'm loving it!

  6. WOW, you have been so busy and those are great looking!

  7. Hi Gina,
    Love all your stitching!! Glad to see that the machine x-stitch turn out really good. 4 hours!!...All I can say is "Wow" that took some time to stitch out!
    hugs, Cindy

  8. so nice, the way you spend your birthday. and the stitchin' is fab

  9. My, you have been busy stitching! I have so many things in the works but very few started...great work on them all :)

    Have a wonderful day!


  10. It sounds like an absolutely wonderful birthday...lucky girl! People surrounding you with love and a 3 hr sisterly phone chat! Wow. Happy Belated to you!

    Stay Cozy,Carrie

  11. Gina,
    I put warm and natural behind the stitchery and acid free cardboard. You don't want it to eat the stitchery. Then I wrap the fabric around the cardboard. Iron it tight and start at one corner and make a star pattern with thread. Like HUGE stitches to sew it into place. The another piece of cardboard would cover the back of frame. Or you could use foam core board and pin it in with tiny sequin pins but they need to be galvanized or they can rust and ruin all your hard work. I find this the easiest. Again with the batting. Use paper to cover the back of the frame with foam core. A paper bag ironed works great.
    Hope it helps. email me if ya need more help.

  12. Your stitching iso wonderful!!!

    hugs, Mo

    And Happy Bday!!! Sorry it is late!

  13. Hapyy Birthday...belated that is.LOL I love your stitcheries....I buy the backer board and spray adhesive on it and start at one side and smooth it out as I works great. I do not use warm and natural or any of that I just stitch the material...I make it a lot more difficult to frame if you do...So I guess I like it easy.
    HTH Dianntha

  14. Hi Gina, Thanks for stopping by my site the other day. Yes we are picking blackberries and also I planted strawberries and I have gotten a bowl full of those. I just love those things. lol. I love all your stitcheries as well. You do awesome work. You had left a message for Edna of Plum Thicket. She is a good friend of mine and wanted to explore your blog and so happy I did.. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Happy belated birthday Gina!

  15. My your little fingers have been very busy, doing some wonderful stitcheries!