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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HaPpY BiRthDaY to Me!!!...

Well today is my 46th birthday..gosh I hate saying that...I am fighting this getting old thing..I really am..I am a Toys R Us kid and I don't want to get if any of you out there have found the fountain of youth..please let me know where it is...:) The above photo is me born at 4:04am may 12th on mothers day that mom always said I looked like an indian papoose...and above that photo is me at 2...and I still have that cheesy grin too...
well yesterday in the mail I got 2 wonderful cards that I waited till this morning to open..because yesterday was not my birthday..the card on the left is from Sue of Country Pleasures!! and she added a neat packet of flower seed that I am going to go and sprinkle and see what comes up..I can't wait..I am going to add them to my huge sunflowers that are growing..that would make an awesome base for those flowers..Thank you for the wonderful truly made my are the best!!! and the other card is from my sweet little friend Samantha that I call Samantha girl...I have known her since she was 5 years old..She will be 24 this september and is the smartest gal I know..she lives in DC now and is working her butt off to get her next degree..and she had time to send me a card..what a little sweetheart she is..Thank you always remember me...and I love you for it..:)

I got this cute little doll in a swap/trade that I did with a gal named Brenda she is on my blog roll of my little annies and she has the cutest little annie dolls..but this one just caught my eye and I am getting rid of some fabric and some doll hair and she was nice enough to trade with me..I just love her..Brenda you do great work..she is in in my living room on a picnic basket along with my sheep that Cindy gave me..but I am sure she will travel here and there in the house..Might even put her in the kitchen..she would look too cute there..she is just the right size to fit anywhere..thank you again..your will be in the mail on friday..that is what I am shooting for...:)

over the weekend I was up in the garage rooting around looking for who knows what and came across this old metal carry all thingy majig and Kimmy my best friend has one in her front yard with a plant in I took mine out and put those freebie kitchen tools in the bottom and found a metal in/out box tray and it fit puurrffeeccttly in it..i used twist ties to secure it to the other when I put plants there it doesn't fall through..right now i have my succulents in it..but I plan on putting moss to cover the bed and netting etc to add dirt and plant some flowers to trail over it...I am pretty happy with the way it turned out..I also have a metal wreath maker that they use at christmas time to make wreaths on the front..I will have to make a sign to add to the front too..this sits by my front porch..

here is the hopps plants and tomatos plants right the end of summer the hopps plants with be as tall as the house and then some..I love the looks of these as they add a real cottage charm to our home..I love em for the decorative aspect..but hubby..he drys em and uses em in beer making..not my favorite thing for sure..but we use the beer to marinate our ribs and oh boy are they tasty and tender..we boil/simmer the meat for about 2-3 hours in the beer juice then put them on the grill and add sauce and oh they are mouth wateringly good...:)

here is the hopps trellis hubby made over the weekend for the backyard hopps..he has 4 plants out there and come summer they will look so pretty and add some privacy as well...they grow super a foot a is amazing to watch them..cause you can almost see them growing...hopefully this weekend, weather permitting we are barking in the yard..the weed are coming and I am trying to keep up on them...the dandilions are out in full force this year...and I mean there are tons of them about you? are you getting slammed with them? I think they are pretty..but don't want em in my yard...and our neighbors seem to think they look great in guess who gets the pleasure of them in her yard..

here is our flowering crab apple tree in bloom right now..I love the color of this tree and wish it would stay all year round..but then I wouldn't enjoy it as much I guess..the tulips are starting to wind down now..but the forget me knots and strawberry plants are blooming right now..i love the pink on the berry it will be the foxgloves and the rhodies..

this is the shady side of the house..we have native bleeding hearts all over the place and azealas here too..but the bleeding hearts sort of take over..they are a very hardy plant and hard to get rid of...but they are in the front along with the native yellow poppies..and they are all in bloom...

the tulips and other flowers and ground covers...

the strawberry ground covers..they get little strawberrys the colors..

the ajuga that is purple is also in bloom too..

more bleeding heart in the front yard....well that is it..for the photo portion of our program..I have been working on stitcherys both by hand and by machine..I just finished a halloween cross stitch machine design on wool I am going to turn it into a pillow..looks like one of those old vintage cards that we love so much..will finish it up and post a photo...not sure if we are going to dinner tonight for my birthday or if Hubby is bringing home take out..Thai food...either would be just fine with me...we are getting rain mixed with sun is pretty far May has been a good month...have a wonderful day and stop by and say hi...:)


  1. Gina~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!! You were such a cutie! I'm fighting the aging process too. I have seen hops in seed catalogs and always wondered if they do grow that fast, I guess now I know:) Have a great birthday!!!

  2. Woohoo!! Happy, happy birthday! Wow! A whopping 46! I still have "a few" on you! Love your garden of color. Wish you'd come work on my yard! Hopefully it'll be pretty this weekend like they're saying and I can get out there. Enjoy your dinner! ~~Annie

  3. Hey Gina, I'm older than you by 10 years. Hope that you had a wonderful birthday. Shirley

  4. 46 is young, Gina !...

    The fountain of youth is in St. Augustine, Florida.. I was there and drank from the fountain..that's why I look so young !!!! LOL... :o)

    Your garden and yard are so pretty ! when you get around to it, please come and do mine..

    Hugs and Happy Birthday !

  5. Don't fight it, sugar! Just embrace it and have fun, chick.

  6. Happy Birthday Gina! I'd sing to you but then you would age even faster! LOL Sorry - I wouldn't recognize the fountain of youth if it was staring me in the face. I believe we should embrace our age - there isn't thing we can do to change it anyway!

    Love all the plants in bloom. So pretty. Have a wonderful dinner tonight!

    hugs, Linda

  7. Happy Birthday to YOU!

    I love your landscaping. It's so.... non-deserty. Ha ha! Jealous!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINA!!! I love your garden it looks like a latta work!! I'm glad you love your annie she was one of my fav's!! Have a good night

  9. Gina ~
    Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope your day is very special. Love your gardens.

  10. Happy Birthday...hope you are having a wonderful one...hope all your birthday wishes come your garden and yard looks so pretty...
    Prim Blessings...

  11. Happy Birthday!!! Hey, I had a little papoose too! my daughter Jess had a TON of black hair, very dark olive skin..My mom said she looked just like one... Funny.

    You were a doll!!! (still are problay :) )hehe

    Hope your day is the best....






    HUGS GIRL ...!!!

    Sara ...

  13. Happy Birthday.. I stopped having them when I got to 29.. now I am going backwards sooo let's see.. Oh goodie I am only 5 years old, just starting pre-school..teehee.
    Hope you had the bestest day of all your bestest days (from the child in me)!!

  14. Happy birthday (this time) Gina!
    Hope your day has been wonderful.

  15. Happy Birthday to You.
    Happy Birthday to You.
    Happy Birthday Dear Gina.
    Happy Birthday to You.

    ...and sending birthday hugs your way. Hope you had a great one.

  16. Happy Birthday Gina. You've got a few years yet before you catch up with me. Hope you've had a great day. Pam xx

  17. I always enjoy your garden pictures
    Happy Birthday, my dear.
    I really like the baby pics. There was a certain charm to those that just isn't there in today's baby pics.

  18. Happy Birthday Gina, so glad the card arrived in time, those seeds will look awesome under sunflowers! I hope you had a special day! I miss my hops, had to leave them at the old house when we moved last summer, I gotta find some more! Loved all the garden shots, your yard is lovely!

  19. Happy birthday to you!!! Love your background on your blog and the pics of you when you were little are just to cute:)

    I've never ate Thai food...enjoy your birthday dinner:)

  20. Gina thanks for letting me know you stopped by my blog. BTW my birthday is September 14th. I always hated having a birthday in September because my very first year of school the first day on my birthday.

  21. Gina, Happy Belated Birthday! Love how your gardens look! Thanks for always stopping by my blog!

    Hugs, Tammy

  22. I missed it, (SORRY) but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! you are still a young chick at 46. Hope that you had a great one. Thanks for showing the fantastic pic of your yard & garden. Now that is what I call a trellis, looking forward to when that stuff is in full bloom & going up the trellis.

  23. Hey, Gina!
    Sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday yesterday! I hope you had a good day for yourself. I enjoyed reading your B'day blog - loved the pictures!
    Oh, and hey - you're still young yet - why are you wasting your time worrying about getting old?? And, in case you haven't discovered it yet, the "Fountain of Youth" is located in your heart! Your body may age, but your mind won't.....
    Enjoy yourself!

  24. Your garden is gorgeous! Happy Birthday chicka.


  25. Dang-I miss the par-tay!

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday to ya Miss Gina, sorry my wishes are a bit late!!

    I hope it was a very happy day and all your b-day wishes came true :)

    Love your gardens...


  26. Wow! What a gorgeous yard you have! Love all the perennials - wish I could get bleeding hearts to grow, but we have too much shade. I've seen hops used for window treatments and they look SO pretty - I've always wanted to grow some just for that reason!

  27. Happy Birthday Gina! Keep on celebrating! You need to take at least a whole month to celebrate! And don't forget to eat some cake!

    Cathy ♥

  28. Crap! I'm sorry I'm late!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLIN'!!
    I hope you day was filled with lots of love, hugs and presents!
    So... Is there any cake left?! I'll have a slice. :> )