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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TriPPinG DoWn MeMorY LanE...

Hey there all hope your long weekend was a good one and that you said a prayer for our service members and their familys...Sunday I played hookey from church and stayed at home with the hubby..we took a nice walk and then started cleaning the upper portion of the it was a mess but now looks so organized...just gotta haul alot of down, throw it in the truck for a huge dump run..feels so good to be rid of alot of it..although the outdoor kittehs don't know what him them...they have their routine for climbing from the bottom up to the upper portion and they have certain sleeping areas that they love and now it has all changed..but I think they will survive in the midst of cleaning and tossing...I came across my album stash that I haven't seen in years and we no longer have a turn table..but I think I need to get a cheap one so I can listen to my old albums..most of these will be put on ebay I think..but oh MY goSh did it take me down memory lane..amazing what a song can do...transported me right back to being a teenager and just looking at the titles of the songs made me start singing them again and almost took me back to the exact place and time...those were certainly the good old of my favorites that I will probably keep is my Monthy Python album..we (bunch of kids) would sit around and listen to this and mimic it and laugh ourselves silly...we just thought this album was the bomb...anyway look below and see if you recognize these..

Oh Bobby Sherman..he was the dreamiest I tell you..this is my cardboard record off my super sugar crisp cereal..and the song is "Seattle"...who would think that I actually a ferry boat ride away from Seattle since 1986..He used to wear thick choker necklaces and he was so stylish..I believe he was in 7 brides for 7 brothers..the newer version..but oh he was cute..just look at those dimples...;)

and then there were the story books with records that you read along too and the little ring would tell you to turn the page....I also had the haunted house one..I would listen to these for hours..I wonder if they still have you all remember these?

I also found a submarine book in that record my hubby served 2o years with the Navy and was on Trident submarines..He did 17 patrols, twice a year averaging about 75 days for each patrol..we did not hear from them unless they pulled into port..the only thing he got from me was 8 family grams and they had to be bad news etc..they have email nowadays..oh that would have been so nice..This was in that book when he was a second class petty officer he is standing behind the little boy..they are at a school teaching them how to fold a flag properly..He retired as a Chief..he was a Quartermaster..they tell the boat where to go on big maps that they chart out..while he loved his job..he is glad he is out and doesn't miss it a bit...

Yesterday was glorious again..we stayed at home and Mike was organizing the upper portion of the garage setting up his station where he makes bullets...amazing what a little organizing can do...I can easily get to my dolls for my shows and my set up etc..I have my garage sale stuff set aside so in July I can get pricing it and then haul it to my show along with some of my dolls and such..will probably be a 2 yesterday I pulled out the power washer and power washed our brick patio..OH MY GOSH can you say dirty..(Taken from our bedroom window).with our climate it starts growing stuff..wish I had taken a before photo..but the red was the I did the deck the chairs the lattice work, our picket fence, you name it, if it was in reaching distance it got hosed did the decorative plates on the front of the fence...everything looks so fresh and clean now..Just makes a huge difference..

Another "ariel" view of the garden..I took all of my little container gardens and transferred them over to this spot as it makes it easier to water and it was too bare..I love this side of my backyard..I love looking at all the plants and veggies growing..(click on to see a more up close shot)..

I guess this is where they got the term "Dog Tired"..our little pup is pooped from being out side since 7am..brought him in at 8pm.he just loves his sheep..loves to just shake it and chew on it..and for the first time..he fell asleep on it...isn't that precious? they always are when they are sleeping..Well it was a nice productive weekend to say the least..on our walk I stopped at my first garage sale of the year..I bought a bunch of stuff for my nephews..books and I got a quantum pad with books and cartridges and little computer for $15 for my youngest nephew for his birthday in November..he is going to love it..I also got a brand new cookie press from Pampered chef for $5..never been out of the box...

today I am going to putz around in my craft room and rearrange it so it functions is becoming to clutter with may be tossing more to the garage sale..gotta finish up my kitchen swap for Angela and get some items sent on their way to my pal Cindy too..Well Kiddies I hope you all have a wonderful week...thanks for stopping by and say hi..:)


  1. Love looking at all of your photos. Thanks for posting them!! xxxRobby

  2. I remember Bobby Sherman - he was a doll!!

  3. Gina~ Tucker is SOOOO adorable with his sheepie! I do remember those books with the records, I think my son even had one when he was little:) I sure remember epic records too, alot of good songs on those old records!!!

  4. Hey Gina....Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
    And now that you have hit the cleaning and organizing bug--I need you to head this way!!! LOL
    Hugs to you,

  5. I bet it was fun remembering all those things! I remember Bobby Sherman! I just had a trip down memory lane telling Joy about the boy's posters that used to hang on my wall...seems like forever ago!

    Tucker is adorable there with his sheep!

    I wish I could get myself in an organizing cleaning gear! I pooped! :)


  6. Oh, you took me back, I loved Bobby Sherman, couldn't get enough!

  7. My favorite song by Bobby Sherman was "Julie, Julie do you love me?". Rich and I have a stack of records 5 feet tall if stacked upon one another. Somedays I'll put on a stack of records and go back to yesterday with my memories. I do love the Golden Oldies!!!!!!!!! Tucker is so cute upon his pillow. When we had our little Bandit he slept upon a quilt my youngest sister, Sandy made for him. She made it out of polyester squares in pretty turquoise blues and embroidered his name on it. I still have it in a box of "Bandit Memories".

  8. Hey Gina ..Yes I got your replies !!! Thanks So much Girl !

    Hey I had to tell you I clicked on your Vintage Housewife graphic and when I got over to that blog I couldn't believe it ..I know Catiena personally ..She used to shop from me when I had my Antique shops ..She is the Nicest Gal !! And she honestly dresses just like you see in the picts everywhere she goes. Her Husband is so nice and her two little girls are just the sweetest ..I hadn't been in touch with her in 4 years and had no idea she had a blog you made a reunion for us ..LOL !!