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Friday, March 20, 2009

WhaT aBoUt BoB...and MeeTinG PaM...

Well I finally got my chance to meet the Famous Pam Gracia of Soft in the head fame..and it was so neat to finally get to see her..we were supposed to get to meet her last year, but couldn't make the time..but yesterday was the day and a great time was had by us 4 wild and crazy gals!!!...:) We headed straight to the antique store and did some shopping..nice store too...very organized and the prices were fairly reasonable..not TS reasonable..but fair...We came across this chenille chicken named BoB...and Pam wanted a yours truly took a picture with now you know Bob...I put Bob back on the shelf and looked further..Oh I will miss him though...

here is my bestest pal in crime ever! My Kimmy (as folks in these here parts know her as) found a pair of gawd aweful glasses and of course had to model them for us...could her eyes get any bigger...she said they made her sick..what a ride that must of have been..but we of course got the giggles...oh they were not her style..
do you want to Meet Pam? wait for patient its coming..we found a hat with silk roses on it and this thing was would need to stuff paper in it just to be able to wear it..Pam put her glasses on top..we called this he mad hatter hat..are you ready to meet Pam?
scroll down......

keep going...

almost there...

hang in there...

taadaaa! here is the infamous Pam with her Groupies Kimmy and myself..Pam's friend Reny took the photos...she is so a great friend Pam has they have known each other since high school and they were a blast to hang out with..but we never got photos of Reny..(I hope I have spelled her name right)..if not I do apologize..

I have no idea what gave Pam the giggles...maybe Kimmy goosed her on the butt...just kidding..but seriously I don't know what made her laugh or us for that matter..that was at the restaurant that we went to for lunch..great service and a cute waiter..that is always a plus...:)

okay more photos of our shopping excursion..Kimmy had to try out the hat as well and she had her glass callalily in hand like she was a fairy or a queen waving things at us...what a goof ball...that is why I love her soooo much...

Just as we got out of the car to first meet Pam..she had a gift for each of us and oh my gosh she made our day totally..we each got a cute little mouse that her tail is made of wire and that is what makes her stand...she has little rusty safety pins for arms...oh she is precious..she may have to go in my kitchen so that I get to see her everyday...Pam had orders to fill she was making stuff while she was on vacation..and she did these just for us...what a sweetheart...She loved the purse I made her as fit her to a T!!! a hip bag for a Hippy gal...Kimmy gave her a bag as well made out of ribbons and great stitching detail..I think Pam loved her purses...

another shot of this precious little mouse....
Kimmy found this in one of the you know what it is? very creative indeed...

Here is what I picked up..I loved that blue spoon and it will go on my pot rack in the kitchen and the cup..not sure..thought it was a cute one for laundry..but it might have a mouse in it..Pam gave me that idea...and I got this cute metal sign that says Cat Nip Inn best rest around since 1961...(pretty close to my name)..and it has a cat for crying out loud...We ended our trip and said our goodbyes for the same time same bat channel next year..she gave me so great advice and what an interesting lady to meet..very down to earth and alot like Kimmy and it is a date for next year... I am putting of Flea Market friday either till I get home from the doctors or maybe tomorrow or next week....This has been a very stressful week with out Otto bisquit and it is a day by day keeping it low key and close to home and keeping any eye on him and making sure he is comfortable and fed...But I do feel the time is near and for that I am not happy and just sick...I don't want to lose him, but I want him happy and healthy again...and that is the hard part...letting go...Take care and keep Otto in your prayers...


  1. You girls are so lucky !!! I dont get to meet Pam until fall. Looks like you had a wonderful time too!!! Prayers coming your way !!!

    Hugs, Angie

  2. Gina! Icky Poo you are playing with a BED PAN!.. Aw don't worry I have 2 in my bath room and 4 chamber pots too.. Your'e silly! Love ya, Hugs Rene

  3. Now you all look like you had WAY TOO much fun!

    I'll remember Otto in my prayers.


  4. Hi Gina,
    Looks like you guys had sooo.... much fun!! Love your jacket you embroidered! You and Otto are in my thoughts and prayers.
    hugs, Cindy

  5. Looks like you guys had a blast!!!
    Isn't it awesome to meet up with another fellow artist?!! I knew Pam would love that purse and your lil' mouse is so precious! Thanks for sharin'!

    I somehow missed what's goin' on with Otto. But know that I will be prayin' for him.
    P.S. You should have brought Bob home too.

  6. It looks like you had a great time! What could be more fun than antiquing and eating out with friends! My kind of day! I'll say a little kitty prayer for Otto Biscuit... Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Cris

  7. Thinking about you, Gina, and the little Otto boy. Please keep me posted on how he's doing...I know it's so hard...

  8. Isn't Pam the sweetest? She's so much fun to be around and that laugh of hers is contagious!

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your kitty..........=o( It's so hard to lose a pet. They are so much a part of our families.