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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DeCoRatiNg In My DreAms...

I thought I would share some photos of country decorating that I love..I rip pictures from magazines and keep them in a little photo album along with craft ideas to make and paint chips too...but this is what I just finished yesterday..I glued on the clothespins and washboard to my laundry samplers and I love the way they look now..I used briwax to stain the clothepins and board...I love the way these frames turned out as well..
Love the clutter on the shelf? ahhh but its my its

here is a laundry room that I just love..I want that shelf..heck I want the whole room for that matter...but don'tcha just love that if you make one for yourself make one for me too..same color as above will do..not picky...

I have had these pages for quite sometime..I would love to have this fence in my front yard..I love the design of it..a house here where we live have taken old windows you know the old wooden framed ones and made a fence with these old windows put here and there along the fence line and the fence itself is just jagged pieces of wood in different lengths..( I personally wouldn't have the jagged edges) you are asking for trouble..wouldn't want my babies to be impelled on it..but I love the concept of it...

I love this kitchen color and all...I love the open shelving and all that wainscotting...and that sink is to die for..;)

more kitchen the skirting in the bottom cats would be in it all day...but I can dream...

a great craft idea for you TS shoppers..looks like they have it as a spice rack..

here is an old chicken egg basket as a lamp..I have two of these one round and one square..keeping this idea...

and another round one cut in half as a light it..

and I love this little can see I even had it measured..14x14...again if you are making one for yourself...make me one too...might as have the tools out for yours anyway..well today has been a better day for our otto bisquit..he ate good and has been those are good signs..had to take Silly Millie in for a food allergy shot as if she eats the wrong food her skin breaks out like a bad rash..and she was miserable..this shot should take effect she will be feeling much better..well tomorrow is the big day to meet Pam..I can't wait to meet her and just bum around and get out of the house..I am mentally drained and need some time Mike is staying home from work tomorrow to look after Otto whilst I go out and have lunch and shop..I will be taking my camera for shots of Pam and me and our day out..have a wonderful rest of your wednesday...


  1. What a sweet husband so you can have a day! Glad to hear that Otto is feeling better. When I first saw the laundry room pic, the shelf stuck out to me also.The fence; do you think deer could get over that. That just might be what we need.Couldn't see the old windows. The other pics were cool as well. Would like to see the lampshades if you try it. Have a great day & lots of fun & great shopping tomorrow.

  2. Gina,
    I do the same thing...I have a folder with photos that I've torn out of magazines. I actually have the same photo of that laundry room...pretty sure I saved photos of the whole house to go along with that laundry room.
    Love your little laundry samplers all frame!!
    Glad to hear that your kitty is doing better. Have fun on your outing with Pam...can't wait to hear all about it.
    hugs, Cindy

  3. Oh yes, I have my folders and files online too. Love the washboard idea!! Way cool! I want one. And the laundry room is to die for. Want one too!

    Have a great time on your shopping trip!!

  4. Gina, I can make both those shelves for you! I make only wood stuff for my shows..I'm glad kitty Otto is doing better..try the baby turkey food anyway. Give him a treat.... Ok when do you want the shelves? I LOVE the wash board cupboard. I have several wash boards and I was thinking of using a pair for shutters..but now..NOW!!! maybe a double shelf...MMMmmm? ya... Thanks for the ideas...HUGS Rene

  5. Gina,
    I love your samplers ~ they turned out so cute. Isn't it fun to dream about our houses? Love that laundry room shelf, love the sink & curtain, oh I just love it all. Seems we have similar tastes. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Those samplers are so cute!
    Yep, I've got a folder full of pics I ripped from magazines. Oooh, I like all of yours too!
    I'm still waitin' to get my kitchen farmhouse sink. I've got lots of ideas but not enough $$$$.
    Maybe I could get in on the government bailout?
    If only Lowes or Home Depot would take Monopoly money or belly button lint. I have plenty of both. :> )

  7. Hi Gina..

    oh ah...I love that laundry room shelf, too !.. neat ! would be great in a craft/sewing room !

    Oh, I remember that photo with the woman standing in the kitchen with the little girl .. it's either from the Country Living or Country Home magazine.. and was the featured article from a house in New Orleans ??? And if I am correct... what do I win ??? LOL

    How can you tear out pages of your magazines ?? I just can't do it, so I just keep them all !!!

    Hugs and Have a great day !

  8. I love the shelf too!!!!! I'm going to save the photo and maybe one day I make one. I also love all the neat projects that you have been creating. The label do make those boxes. Glad to hear that Otto is feeling better.