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Saturday, March 14, 2009

GeT er DoNe...

I have been working on some projects getting them painted and grunged..I bought this cheese(?) box years ago at the TS and its been sitting on a I pulled it down and am in the process of painting it..what color..not sure...what do you think? and I have some old fashioned clothespins that I stained photo below..

there is the black box...but what color to paint it..I also took some wooden eggs and painted and sanded and primmed them up..does my craft table look horrible or has served its purpose...:)
here are some paper mache boxes that I just did..I think they turned out rather well..

these used to be my sugar and flour jars..but I am going to put stuff in them and use them in my craft room with some really cool labels that I am getting from Rene...can't wait..

here is the new sugar and flour containers..I bought these from Tupperware..I just love em! and they stack and they hold so much...I have a scoop for each one inside..they also come with a lid that has holes for putting potatoes or onions so they can breathe..I love the red...that big jar I got is holding pop tarts in it right now..I may still use it for the laundry soap..haven't decided...right now it is in a rubbermade container..

I decided to pull out my graters that I actually purchased for Mice sleds..but haven't used em so I decided to display them till I I hung a board up with those square nails and wah la!..they look right at home there...I bought this neat litte push cart that I just love it has electricity and it it so much better then the italian t-cart that didn't go with the rest of our it is packed and in a box...should just sell it..but hubby won't let me..if its in a should just go bye my mother in law would love it.. or my mommy would love it too..I know I don't want it..should ask them...well we went to Lowes today and shopped a bunch of odds and ends then headed to Costco. .got 3 items and they totalled 100 bucks..geez we always say you can't leave that store without spending at least that...I got some computer ink and vitamins...then we headed for home..gotta go and get dinner going...on tonights menu is pork chops, garlic parmesaen smashed potatoes and brussels and onions and can never have too much garlic..gotta keep those vampires at bay...have a great weekend...:)


  1. Oh Gina....I love how your boxes turned out!
    You have been a very busy girl this weekend.
    And looking at those cheese graters reminds me of the wonderful mice that you sent me last year during the Christmas season! I love it so much!
    You dinner sounds so yummy! I will be over in a place for me!

  2. The boxes turned out very nice as I am sure the big one will. Still want to get together one of these days. The boxes for ya are still on the couch. The car is broken at the moment and I have a schedule now but maybe we can still work it out?
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hi Gina,
    Love how your boxes turned out!! And the graters look great hanging on that peg rack!
    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  4. Love how your boxes turne out too:)You sure have been a busy lady! Love the graters hanging on the rack:)

  5. Those boxes are cute Gina and your dinner sounds yummy! Have a great Sunday!

  6. WOW! You sure have made some progress! Everything looks so great! COunt me in for dinner too!! LOL!

  7. Your boxes turned out really great! I bet the graters hung up really nicely on the nail hangers.Looks good. I hd to get an ink cartridge this weekend too. I thought I was not going to spend much either, till I got the cartridge. Oh, well, you got have it!

  8. Love your boxes... I have piles of those babys, I guess I should do something with one, once in awhile..Hey, love your leg lamp... my favorite we have one in our den but, only at Christmas...maybe I could leave it out all year... Hugs girly...MO