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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WhaTcha WorKin on WedNesDay...and TaGGed..

Okay Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy Tagged me and I am to go to the 4th folder of my photos and pick the 4th here goes..This was taken in 2002 and this is my hubby and our friends little girl, her name is Anastasia or Ana for short..she was under 1 and just smitten with Mike..this was thanksgiving spent at their now I must tag 4 wonderful folks..hmmm...lets see..I tag janene of Primitive Lifestyle, she is a hoot and always makes me smile...She is doing wonderful on her diet...She is Such A "loser"..
2. I tag Terry of Big City Prims..She always makes sure I have my daily dose of Big Boy...:)
3. Pam from Basket Prims..she is my sista from another mother..we both swear and she is such a delight..and I am so glad that I know her..
4. Stace from Tattered and torn Prims..She makes me giggle and I love her sence of humor...
I could certainly tag all of you as you always brighten my day with your entrys and I love getting to know you all..
Okay on with the fun stuff..I went over to Kimmy's house on Monday so she could teach me how to make these purses and this was her christmas present as well..I bought the fabric and the pattern..and made her make her own..I know nice of me huh..but this gal can sew and she has been making purses forever and makes up her why would I want to screw it up..I went directly to the expert..we had so much fun..the cutting out was the time consuming part..but once it was just flew..I love my new purse..this is Olivia the pig..all dressed up..This is the front of the purse..(okay there is no really front) but she is facing you..I have alot of fabric and am going to make up a bunch of these to if anyone is interested let me know..

here is the inside and the bottom is the same too.

okay here is the backside..and I didn't realize it..she is looking at you as you can wear it anyway you like it...I am so in love with polkadots..I love them....they make me happy..

Kimmy and I went shopping at where else, Joanns..I got some stuff for making the purses with..and Kimmy got me sold on this fasturn tool..I had the el cheapamundo kind and hated them..but this was awesome and I used it to turn the handle on the purse inside out..I was totally sold and went and got one..they had them 30% off at the viking if you don't have one of these..get one..they are FAB-U-LOUS!...took seconds to are the snap closures for the purse..I also got some elastic as I bought an unfinished apron cover from Kinderfall Primitives..and lets just say...I will never be board stiff again whilst ironing...I will be looking for ironing to do...You will just have to go to her ebay site and check it out...they were so cheap too..and the shipping from England was super fast..I bought one for Kimmy too..:) I also bought purse handles to make clutches with the same pattern...

here are some stamps I picked up..mostly to do for my mixed media stuff..and I am going to enlarge them and paint them too...for a little mixed media stuff. One is for a little gift for a new blogging friend..I still have something else I need to do before I can send it off..

Here is the stablizer for the purses to make them hold up better.

Here are some Tags that My good friend Terri Browning of Long Cane Primitives made just for me..she is making also making me some Vendor tags like when I do my shows, I can put on all of the doll info and pricing..and it looks so much more professional... She is also in the process of making me some of those tags that everyone is decopauging on their jars etc...I showed her the ideas that I had and she is going to design some up for me..her prices are way beyond reasonable and she makes soap and also sells the recipes so we can make our own... She has a wonderful website with all sorts of won't be sorry and you will make a wonderful friend too..I have known Terri for a couple of years now..but really just got to know her and I am so glad that she is in my world.. you will too.. She will do custom orders for you..and will work with you till you are completely satisfied...I am totally sold..she has a heart of gold and will not stear you wrong..

here is the other set she made for me..I told her I wanted a cat sleeping because of my name and what type of font etc...she is so easy to work with..I could toot her horn all day long...okay we are having a beautiful cleaning was done early..time to get the chillians out for a romp...then I am off to start sewing and getting some stuff done around here..I hope you are all enjoying your Wednesday...Oh I almost forgot..we got an earthquake here sunday morning..where we live was the epi center...said it was about 4 something on their scale..never felt it..our neighbor said it felt like a big truck was coming down our was a 5:30am..our friend who lives across the water felt it more then we did..and he lives about 30 minutes from here..(a ferry boat ride)...
Oh and I finally got my Country Sampler to read..might just take it out and read it while I watch the kids play..I also got my hair the perm that I got in Decemeber that is gone now..totally wiped out my hair and left it I am hoping it is in better shape I am happy again.....:)
have a wonderful day my good people..;)


  1. THat picture is so cute. Wow, love that purse. The colors are great and that pig is funny.

  2. OMG G......that purse is awesome!
    I GOTTA HAVE ONE, wanna trade that and this....and er a bunny?

  3. Oink, chickee!!!! ;-)

  4. That purse is awesome! So very it!
    I'm glad to see that I am not erased from you blog roll...I was losing sleep over that one!
    Love ya Gina!

  5. Gina,
    Love the picture and the purse. I've ordered patterns from Terri before, she has great stuff. Have an awesome evening.

  6. What a sweet picture of DH and Ana - she looks as happy as can be!

    Oh you got some sweet tags there! She is so creative! And I love the purse too - you are swe creative as well!

  7. Cute purse :) I just started making purses for myself and it's not too bad once you get a few made. It makes a bit more sense :)

    Like the hang tags, too!

    Have a great day!


  8. Well heck! I just tagged ya for the same thing! Love that piggy!! :> )

  9. Gina,
    Love your purse! Too cute!! Also love the tags that you had made...perfect for your business.
    hugs, Cindy

  10. I just found this!!! Sorry for the delay!! Thanks for the tag!!!

    LOVE your purse!!! Way cool!!

    Have a great weekend!!