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Thursday, February 5, 2009

MoRe FuNniEs....

who writes this stuff...
nuff said...too funny..

you got me strictly for amusement, right?

ssssshhhhh baby sleeping...

thanks! I got it done at this new Salon downtown...

Oh Man! Ialmost had it...

everyone was kung fu fighten!

get your motor running...head out on the highway...looking for adventure....well you can sing the rest..we have a cat that might do this..just gotta get him his own goggles and helmet...

Being a mechanic is hard work...but it pays the bills!!!


  1. Oh those are soo funny. I like the car that's not for sale!

  2. I like the car that's not for sale too. You're right, who thinks this stuff up. Thanks for sharing, too funny.


  3. I love the kitty paw one!! How cute!!! :> )

  4. Those are hilarious! I love the tombstone for Grady! Too funny! I don't know if I have any fabric you would want - I will check my stash!

  5. oh my word kitten...your blog is soooo cute...i love the pinup picktures on your side bar...she's adorable....thanks for swingin by my

  6. Funny! :)
    The kitty paw is too cute!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Thanks for the laughs!!! I just saw a wedding announcement in the paper...the gal's last name was Graham and the guys name was Cracker so it was listed like this:
    Graham-Cracker!! Seriously!
    Love the new header pic!