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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WhaTcha WorKin on WedNesDay...

Well it feels like forever since I wrote...we had a nice valentines day....although DH worked...I had went on huge shopping spree (retail therapy) on friday and bought a new carpet shampooer which I am dying to use..and a new bread maker and new curtains for the living room..will post photos when I hang for dinner on saturday I used my new bread maker and made homemade pizza and it was so tasty...we haven't had it in a while cause my last breadmaker pooped we ate pizza and watched a chick flick "nights in Rodathe"..I liked it..the hubby NOT SO MUCH...but he did humor me..and let me watch it...loved the house..the story line was okay..but I loved em in "unfaithful" that was a steamy show..:) I painted this while talking to my mommy on the phone for our once a week chat...guess I should call her more..cause I actually got something started and finished..although I am thinking of putting a wax coating over it to try out that medium to ...scared as I like this and don't want to ruin is a stitchery that I turned into a painting sort of thing...I love this mixed media thing using paints, chaulk, fabric is painted on a wood base...
I love the little baskets made with burlap on the shelf.... Well we got out and took Tucker for a walk this past weekend and the weather was glorious too...great for we took him to the beach on Monday..since it is only a 1/2 a block from our house..he loved it too...we love our walks together cause that is the only real time we spend together just talking about that was a great weekend..just hanging out...Yesterday I made chili in the crock pot and oh it was yummy..should have made home made bread to go with that is what I will do today so when we have leftovers..we get a big piece of bread slathered in butter...oh I love homemade bread..I could climb right into a loaf and eat the last night was Tuckers first day of kindegarton...he was such a good boy and more advanced then any of the other puppys in his is an 8 week course and he will love it....he got to play with his class mates and it was so funny to see them all run around trying to sniff each others butts...I am so glad we don't greet each other that way...*smirk*....they had fun just running around etc..some were alittle more aggressive then others..and when Tuc gets scared he sits between your legs..not choosy either...he is an attention whore as my DH puts it..:) we are having wonderful weather this week only to be followed up with rain this weekend..go figure when you want to work out in the yard.....we still have bushes to take down and put through a chipper...but it will still be there another day I suppose...I am having my sensaria party this weekend..if anyone shows up...gotta make my calls tomorrow...the fridge guy is coming tomorrow to outfit our fridge with some insulation so the water dispencer doesn't freeze up as our fridge doesn't stay cold enough unless it is turned up all the way..(crappy fridge)...I love my milk ice cold..not barely cold..

here are some funnys of emails I get from time to time...some days I feel like I need one..would be great if I drank...:) or took Valium...:) but what a way to go eh?

don't hate me for posting this...this is funny....although we do fill this way.... we just hope and pray he will do what is right for us and not for his own agenda....we are getting our food storage in order for at least a year or maybe 2 cause we truly don't know what this future holds and we are getting our ammo, yes we love our guns..and more wood..we are getting prepared for these next 4 years of god knows folks you best get yourselves is just common sense too...natural disasters, sickness, job loss etc..get your ducks in a row..

I just got this in an email today...thought it was funny...only guys....well I hope you have a wonderful week...I have other things to share but will do so later.....I have some things to help you get a 72 hour kit and more about food storage...We are all in this together so we all need to stick together...:)


  1. Love your project! The little burlap baskets are perfect. I love your little funnies and cat photos that you are always adding to your blog. Rich and I almost fell off the computer chairs with the John Lennon glasses on the cat. Keep em' coming!

  2. love the painting. The funnies are cool too. Obama has already started the pork belly spending...did you know what was getting money yesterday? I was in shock, really. HOOOHUMM. I hate watching TV, except for FOX..they are conservative and tell it like it is.

    I do pray that he does not get asasinated. And you know why. I really hope that he does OKay, for us. But, I can already tell, we need a different congress for sure!!!

  3. Your so crafty, love it! We too watch the same movie over the weekend, I liked it while hubby put up with it and like you, loved the house and Gere and Lane are great together! I too hope Obama can make a difference but I don't see how?

  4. Gina, I looove your burlap baskets!! Great idea!

  5. Love the Obama Soup ~ too funny! I have to agree on that one. :-)Very nice painting too ! So you live that close to the beach !? You lucky girl! A walk on the beach sounds great right now!Have a good afternoon Gina !

  6. Those burlap bags are pretty cool idea.

  7. Love the painting! The burlap baskets are a neat idea! I love the little jokes you always have on your blog! I need one of those Lattes everyday lately!

  8. I love your wall painting and the use of mediums, very creative.


  9. Hi Gina,
    Love you mix media would look great in my house!! LOL...
    I went to see that movie when it first came out and picked up the DVD a few days ago. Hope to watch it this weekend.
    Going to do the local Quilt Shop Hop tomorrow with my friend Linda. I can't wait...4 shops in one day!! Oh Happy Day!!
    hugs, Cindy

  10. OMG Gina!!! I just did a spit-take with my coke zero.....that Obama cartoon is a hoot!!! Thanks for the chuckle....and now I must got wipe the computer off!! BTW....what're you gonna do with yer extree $13 a week?????? tee hee hee!!!