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Thursday, February 19, 2009

If I KneW yOur WerE cOminG..I'da BakeD a CaKe...

Well here I sit at my computer in my slippers and blog to you!!! minus the cigarette of course...I thought this one was too funny....I am actually in my jammies and robe and moccasin slippers blogging to you...yesterday I was in a baking mood..I made chili on Tuesday and thought it need a good loaf of homemade bread to go with dinner as I knew we were having left overs...and they were yummy...I just started with a basic recipe and then starting adding stuff...the bread was a nice touch...I also decided to bake a cake a huge cupcake with the new pan I bought at Joanns using my 50% off coupon..I bought 2..ones a surprise for someone...
here is the pan after I took out the cakes...This cake is big and must be at least 10 inches tall or more...

Here it is before I frosted it...looks yummy already..I used their recipe and made this from scratch...

Here it is frosted with a blackberry buttercream frosting..I got the recipe from Warm pie Happy Home only hers was with strawberrys and I didn't have frozen I used blackberries and it is tasty...

here it is with a slice taken out of it for last nights dessert..big cup of milk and homemade cake...doesn't get any better then this....Got the fridge guy coming today to put in a unit to keep our water dispenser from freezing I can make our fridge cold stuff..but hate my water freezing up...hate tap water and brita water my water simple and with no flavor including lemon..yuk... We are having yet another beautiful day in the hood here where I live..gotta take our Pody Ann in to the vets tonight as she has the sniffles...don't know if it is allergys or what...but I hate when our babys are sick...and I can't fix it..we are also on day 4 of no peeing in the house...we are hoping we are getting it now...I am glad...well thats all folks...I hope your thursday is going swell so far...we are getting out walking now and I am enjoying our walks..always have..great time to reconnect with the DH...:)


  1. I've got a red velvet cake in the oven for a friends birthday. I also have this same pan, I love it, it's so fun! Didn't use it today cuz it's too hard to tote around. I love the color of the icing, so pretty! I'll have to check out that recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  2. you made me want a cupcake! That is a big one...I love that pan...I want one...what a cute birthday cake it would make.

    You ask me if this was my dream house....well it will be. Dreamhouse payments are to high and besides the last dreamhouse I owned turned out to be a nightmare moneypitt!
    This is a moddest house but we are gonna make it a special home....and besides that we can have it paid for in a short period of time!

  3. Yummy! I love baking cakes. I took a 12 week course in Cake Decorating several years ago. As I was looking at your Cupcake Cake I was imagining all kinds of ways to decorate it. I'll post Rich's favorite chocolate cake recipe on Wolf Spirits later this morning. Not only is it's frugal.

  4. OMG!! That cartoon IS me!!! I still smoke!!! LOL How funny!!!Hope the little furry girl is better soon.

  5. Gina~I would love to have that cupcake in my tummy!
    The buttercream frosting sounds sinful!
    Mmmmm! Now my stomach is growling!

  6. Yum! It looks really good. What kind of cake was it?

  7. Oh, my daughter is gonna love that cake pan!

  8. That is one yummy looking cake! What a neat pan too! Don't even tell us how delicious it was!

  9. That is the cutest cake! I want a cake pan like that now! Gosh you made me hungry, Gina!


  10. Wow! I have never seen a pan like that! You really did a great job with it. Looks delicious!

  11. Oh I love the huge cupcake! I may have to check out that pan! I don't get to Joann's very often. We have a new Hobby Lobby that is much closer--I'm in heaven! Don't you just hate when kitties get old and sick? I feel so bad for them cuz they can't talk--(at least mine can't)! I remember I had an outside/inside cat who was diagnosed as being allergic to dry grass! She had terrible itchy rashes where she literally pulled out her fur! In the summers around here ALL the grass is dry no matter what! My husband wasn't too thrilled at the prospect of watering the grass daily (the huge water bill) because of dear kittie's allergies! And she wanted outside all the time. Have a great day!