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Thursday, February 12, 2009

WeDneSday ShOppIng, AnoTheR PuRse & SenSaRiA....

While over at Kimmys yesterday..I just had to take a photo of this ingenious invention that she made to give her more space when she is sewing...I took the photos so I can get hubby to make me one for my machine...Kimmy has the Husqvarna SE..and ooooohhhh is it sweet!..I love sewing on really has all the bells and whistles anyone could has buttons galore right at your finger has one that actually cuts your treads for I could get used to that one..and it has a fixed button that ties a knot for you....anyway..she made this out of plywood and added little feet to it..I believe the top is some sort of laminate..but will have to ask her..
here is the bottom sure adds more space to your sewing area..

we went to Joanns (duh)!!! does this surprise anyone..seems all I do is shop anymore and no crafting...haven't really been interested as nothing is selling...but I have so many ideas running through my head..and I guess this stuff will hold till I have my big show that I do at the end of the year..but it sure would be nice to be selling all year..above is more fabric, again does this surprise anyone...:) they were having a huge sale in the home deck area so we bought more to make some really pretty purses with and machine embroider some beautiful designs on them..The blue one will be a big tricky but it is irridescent with red in it to..I just loved it..and the green and plum are an ultrasuede and Kimmy has done a few of these purses and oh my gosh they are beautiful to say the least.. The rose fabric is going to be my new bedroom curtains...I have wanted to change the tops out for some time..but wasn't sure how to go about it...then it hit me like a ton of bricks while shopping...I don't like the ones I have now as they are boxy..I want scalloped edges and romantic!!! so I will have to make them in 3 panels as there is a shelf that I want to build around and it wouldn't lay right with the scallops unless I do it this way...hoping to do it an easier if anyone out there can think of an easier way..ppplllleeeeaassseeee let me know..I wil draw a picture of what Iam desiring...

I also bought more one step crackle..I love how this looks..and more stabilizer and boning for the purses with the flap cover..I also got more canvases for the mixed I want to get going on them..seems to be the rage right now..and I had so much fun with the first one...

here is the finished purse we made yesterday..we even embroidered little designs on the might be able to see them when enlarged...we also embroidered little kittys and fishys to the last purse I made for my sweet friend in DC..I love how this purse turned is for my next door neighbor for her birthday..thinking of making one for my mom and mother-in-law out of the suede and embroidering on it for them...

Okay now for the Sensaria....I am having a party on February 21st and I love this skincare line of stuff...they only do skin care and no makeup can go to and check out what they have..but this above is my all time favorite stuff..If you all like SOFT skin and I know you do..and you will get compliments trust hubby tells me all the time that my skin is so soft and why is it so is because of this ladies...I have never used a body butter before that is as thick as this or as decitent(?) as this..I have tried many that say it is a body butter...but they are false advertising and feel more like a lotion...and lotions just don't keep your skin as soft as this does...they come in I think 3 different favorite is the lotus melon blossom one on top...and they last a long time as you don't need a will feel like you just had a spa experience everytime you shower...I love the way my skin feels when I use if you want to order any of this please let me know or if you are interested and want more info on won't be disappointed...(I should sell the stuff)..nope did the Marykay thing..not doing this one...okay that is it for me...gotta go clean house get the mutt out..he got his first bath last night and cried the entire time...but he sure was funny looking when we were done with him and he just kept rolling on his blankie by the fire and we even blew him dry...seemed to like that...will post a photo tomorrow if I remember...we got him a new rawhide and it is the smelliest thing we have ever is called a bully stick..and the lady told me what it actually was....dare I say what she called it...a bulls penis...disgusting...but he loves it...the cats didn't like it and neither do we....but dogs do love to roll in dead stuff and he is even taking out kitty poo out of their we gotta watch this little guy...or he will be needing breath mints and lots of a great thursday...


  1. You can never have enough fabric...can you?
    I love the finished purse...the two of you are quite the creative team!
    Hope things pick up for you in your shop!

  2. That is a fantastic idea for her machine. Im always wishing I had more room! MORE fabric, haha!!!!
    Im more of a Sephora girl but Ill have to try this sensaria!

  3. Hi Gina,
    Another great purse!! One can never have enough fabric...I've not been to the quilt store in awhile, but seeing your fabrics makes me want to go.

  4. Gina - I almost spit my drink out about the new dog "toy"! I have not heard of that one yet! Love the new fabric and the purse is amazing!

  5. Gina,
    What a cool idea your friend had for her machine. Sounds like quite a sewing machine. Mine is about 40 years old, can you believe that? I love the purse. I hope your sales pick up, sista.

  6. Hi Gina, Cool machine and a great idea for extending the work surface. Get yourself a Janome like mine, it does everything except wash the dishes! More fabric in my Ebay shop plus I'm making a little something today that you might like. What size are your bed pillows? Pam xx

  7. What a neat idea for the machine! I'll have to remember that!

    Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's Day! Hugs, Linda

  8. OMGosh ..what a Great idea your friends husband had for her machine ..That's an idea that ought to be marketed I would think ! ..and Oh Gosh ..I was at Jo Anns today ..and came home with trims and One step crackle myself ..And now wishing I had bought more trims seeing they were 50 % off ...Love your new bag you finished !!!


  9. I LOVE THAT THING!! Great idea!!
    Happy Val Day!

  10. Love the bag Gina, wish I was your neighbour. Material is my passion too....What a great idea for the sewing machine. May I take a copy of the two photos so I can give to Guy the carpenter. I would like him to make me one, he's really good and it would make life so much easier when sewing. Your friend should patent it...
    Re. your little pup, unfortunately some dogs do that. One of mine still does, the begger. And his new toy, I've heard of pig's ear, etc, but never that!!!!...Good luck....Hugs Chrissy x

  11. I love the table extension that your friend made. I'm going to show it to Rich and see if he will make me one......or better yet.....I'll make it myself. You can never have enough least that's what I keep telling Rich.