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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Little Pody Ann is in a ConTesT and NeEds Your VoTes,,,

My precious little Pody Ann is in a contest to win big prizes and also to help spay and neuter dogs and cats in my please vote for Pody and help animals to get fixed...She loves to sleep like this..she is one solid little fur ball I might add and she barks like a dog...she is the to Tucker of course...


  1. Where do you vote?? OMG, I laughed out loud cuz I couldn't find her little head!!! What a pic!! I could just hug her!! Your's doesn't meeeeeoooowww either, huh? Mine has the funniest sounds -- part of the Maine Coon charm!!

  2. Hi Gina...yes, where do you vote? That pic is so funny:)

  3. She is so cute !!! Where do we vote ?

  4. Oh I love that cat !!!The image is absolutly great !I hope she get´s hundred of votes !! My cat is from a german animal asylum and I know how needful donations are.

  5. She's so cute, one of my cats tried to pat her with his paw on the screen.

  6. What a cutie! As my best cat lady friend would say, she is doing her centerfold pose...tee hee...not very ladylike, but oh so precious! I will give her some votes. ANYTHING to help raise funds for spaying and neutering! I am going to enter one of mine too.

  7. That is SO cute! It took me awhile to even find her her head!