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Friday, January 23, 2009

FabRic SwAp AnyOne?....and EbAy StuFF...

This is me right now at my computer with Silly Millie sitting here on my lap as I try to type and surf the net...
nice robe huh..she snuggles and needles me and drools too...I had to get this pose..

I have listed this huge lot of scrapbooking stuff on if anyone is interested here is the link..

more of the ebay..

okay...since I can't seem to sell this fabric...does anyone want to do a swap? just click on the photos to get an up close look at the fabric..In the box is mostly cotton calicos...some a yard some more.

here is some wool like fabric. flannel, and calico..

the bottom striped red fabric is flannel, the red above is flannel and I think the brown is too..then above it is the black fake fur.

here is that cotton ribbed stretchy stuff with fairys on it..and the blue is christmas polor fleece fabric...if anyone is interested in trading let me know.. I am off to release the hound and get my day going..gotta clean house cause our Home teachers from church are coming for their once a month dinner..we are doing pizza from the no cooking for me...yeah!...we have 4 coming tonight for dinner..we love it when they come for dinner they are our favorite young people...have a great weekend..the sun just popped its sunny head will take the chillians out to play...I hope you enjoy your day too...:)


  1. Gina, I would buy it all from you if I knew how to sew!
    But alas I can't so I can't help you this time!
    I love that fluffy bundle on your lap! I wish Joe wasn't allergic so that we could have our kitty Peanut in the house!
    Stay warm this weekend!

  2. How-deee!!! I too am a fabric-aholic!!! I'm determined to keep my stash limited to what will fit in my new cabinet and small dresser in my room....oh yea...and in the crates....and a wee bit in the basement.....and....tee hee hee!!! Hope you find some takers!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Gina, sweetpea, you have gorgeous hands!!! I just noticed because I notice hands. Mine are getting old and "spotted"! Hah.

  4. Don't you just love it when our furry kids try to help us when we are on the computer. Chloe will actually paw at my hands while I'm stop that and pay attention to me!! lol...
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Gina,
    What are you wanting to trade for? More fabric or something else? Let me know - my daughter seen some fabric that she fell in love with!