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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WeLcoMe to My HoMe for the HoLidAys...

Sit back and relax..I took alot of photos...Hope you enjoy my home at christmas..Here is the front porch all decked out..It reminds me of a gingerbread house this year..maybe its because of all the colored lights...

another view from the road...

here's the garage with its lights on...

and with no flash...

again from the road..

up by the trellis in front..

I added the icicle lights to the trellis this year..I love it!

a view of the trellis is no flash..

my flash

my gate with flash..I love this thing..a young girl designed this for love of cats. see their tails shaped like a kitty angels that are in heaven and my web name..

my neighbors didn't want this wreath and it is huge...I gladly took it..

front porch
front porch..Kimmy made the bucket and snowball that light up..I just love this..

more front porch..

This is the new Item I added this year...I got this in is a garden ladder for out in the orchards to pick the fruit..well I had other ideas..I used it for my big quilts..and it fit nicely in the houses in italy..they were huge...well our small cottage can't take it so off to the garage it goes..I decorated this years ago in my bedroom as a tree..I decided I wanted a big tree on the up it went with ornaments and lights..I love the way it turned out..very bright...:)

I also added this old suitcase that I got really cheap at the thrift stores to use as displays for my dolls at shows..hasn't been used in awhile so I put my old fashioned santa in it with a tree that has little rustic ornaments on it and put cinnamon pine cones in the bottom and an old piece of tattered quilt...I also put a piece of red fleece on the table so the kittys can sleep up here..and Stanley loves it..Notice the 3 stockings..they are for the outdoor babys...They all get a cat nip toy wrapped and in their stockings every year and every year we film them playing with their is the best part of christmas for me...They lay by the fire and slobber all over their really is precious..

Here is a view of the living room from the stair well.
Here is our Pody Ann on top of the entertainment center. They all take turns up is nice and toasty for them...and she loves her picture taken...she is such a soft and pretty girl...she is the baby...

here is Jennys doll that I won on Ebay..
a view of the kitchen from the dining room

a view of the dining room from the living room..
Gracie all snug as a bug in a rug by the fire..This was taken tonight...she loves her fire..heck they all do...
Here is a little tree on a deacons bench it sits by the fire..I added a few decorations to it.. it is sitting in a cookie tin...and my christmas books are right next to it..I have my forever christmas by the late Tasha is my favorite..and I have the night before christmas..the old edtion...and the cat who loved christmas...

no flash..
and the stockings were hung..My little sister made my babys stockings.. another view behind the woodstove..

by the woodstove..

I want santa to fill those stockings...

can you spot the 2 sleeping babys...

here is my sign that Janae of Cozy Coops traded with me..I made the snowman sampler by hand...I got both the snowmen at different places..

by the front door..

I love this scene of joseph, mary and the baby is by the front entry by the trees..This is so easy to make.. you take a photo and have it transferred onto that clear plastic. Kinkos did mine you can make it in any size.. use spray adhesive on one side and use those foil sheets and you lightly crinkle it up, then lay it on the surface, smoothing it out..hold up to light to make sure there is no light peeking through..if so just add some more foil..I like the silver foil better...then frame it and you are done. I made a bunch of these for gifts a couple of years need to be careful of copyrighted photos..but ask nicely and they usually let you..You can also do photographs of family pets etc..just get it transferred to the clear transfer sheets..

dining room is my shabby chic chandlierthe dining table..this is reversible for avon..

Here is the christmas trees that I got at Joanns years ago..I have a biker tree, an everyday ornament one in the center and the one by the lamp is my kitty ormanent tree...Kimmy made me the doll by ravens haven..I love her..and of course Electric Sex...I love that is usually on my kitchen counter throught out the little sister got me this last year...the christmas story is our favorite..
all lit up no flash...purrrty huh...

Electric sex..there is nothing like

the hutch in the dining room...I have it lit up as well
my santa collection...and one snowman..he is by pea pickers..he is my favorite..I got him at a local gift show last year I believe or 2 years ago..the other santas come from a gal that used to make dolls and she got me interested..I love her style..wish she still made them...she was so creative...
one of my santas and a goose..figure might as well use it..when it sells I will take it vintage aprons..I have used these as curtains tea cart in the corner of the dining room...I made the candles that hang on the windows and the santa and snowman on the wall they are wooden..made them up..loved them...

no flash..
kitchen counter..I just did the studded oranges..

my little old elfen doll sits on the mixing bowls along with some christmas cookie cutters..

the kitchen counter where I spend most of my time cooking..I won this from Soft in the head..I love him...
my collection of old spoons...and a sign from janae and my christmas kitty shakers..

the laundry room..

the guest bathroom..I didn't light up the big light..but have the bottom light lit..light oozes out of the old colander..I won this on ebay years ago..I love it...

the kitchen window..I got the little trees the last of november at my favorite place to is out of my good friend Carolee and bobs house on bainbridge island..they shop all year round and they both make stuff and this is their 30th anniversary.....
I made my christmas curtains with slim santas...3 each on each curtain...

our bedroom..took some store bought picks and stuck them in the metal shelf...that is the other jesus picture I have... done with the foil...

and my little feather tree that my friend Lauren made me years and years ago...sitting on an old green table in our little touch of christmas here..Well that is the tour..I hope you all didn't fall asleep... I also updated my shoppe with more goodies... Well as we speak I have just sold my silly little snowmen...Thank you Kate...:)
Stay tuned for tomorrow..I am going to be doing the big blog giveaway..I have been cleaning out my craft closet and have 4 prize giveaways...until next time..have a wonderful evening...:)


  1. Gina,
    Love the photos of your home all decked out for the Holidays. Everything looks wonderful!!

    Can't wait to see your giveaway tomorrow.

  2. I love your lamp. I've always wanted one!

  3. Gina, I loved all your pictures ! Everything is so pretty and festive! I like how you displayed the signs!My parents have the big one of the Christmas Story leg lamp ~ so funny! :-) Have a great night !

  4. wow look at all the eye candy!! heehee. Dave got rid of our lighted candie canes...I did not want him to but oh well.

    Love the kitty in front of the fireplace on the fur rug...too cute all sprauled out.

    I forwarded your request to Joan about the kitties painting.

    Have a good one...oh thanks for all the sweet

  5. OMGosh girl.......
    Youve got some awesome decor. Everything looks SO warm and welcoming. LOVE the outdoors and front porch:)

  6. Everything looks come help me finish mine or Santa will fill your stocking with coal!
    LOL, Beth

  7. I so enjoyed looking at all of your Christmas decorations!
    Everything looks so warm and cozy~It must be, just look at how snuggled and content your babies are!
    I love electric sex~The lamp that is!!!
    Have a GreatDay!!

  8. WOW!! SO much to see!! Love the gates, love the front fence too! Great old suitcases!! It all looks so festive and cheerful!!

  9. Beautiful!!!!!!!! I love all that decorating for others to see how much you appreciate the holiday, chickee,

  10. WOWOW you know how to deck the halls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unreal you are all set.. I feel like I was looking at the Griswalds house.. I have always wanted to do that! Maybe when I get a house.

    Thank you for your well wishes! It is hard when our parents get older.. Infact it is the pits!

    Enjoy your decorations! I know I am!


  11. Gina, I love all of your decorating. Everything is so festive and inviting. Love your Santa collection. Thanks for sharing.


  12. Gina, It was so much fun taking a tour of your Christmas House! It must have taken you days to do all that! Have a wonderful evening.

  13. WOW, what a wonderful winter wonderland!!! That was a mouthful! I love your house, and it looks so festive, great job!! Please enter me in the giveaways too!

  14. Wow! Your home is lovely. I love the outdoor shots. It is the perfect prim home! And your living room is so warm and cozy. Your wood stove adds so much. We have one as well and heat only with wood. There's just nothing like it.

    Thanks for sharing.


  15. Just finished checking out your wonderful Christmas decor, you have been busy, the front porch is wonderful.