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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WorDleSS WeDneSday...okaY nOt sO WorDleSS..

thought I would show you what the kids have been up to...Have no idea what Sunny was doing under my sewing table..
here's the Otto Bisquit aka Lion King asleep on my sewing table..I had to cover him up with that new do he has..he just needs his mommy to keep him warm and comfy...

Here is otto and Sunny again on my table...don't they look precious all comfy and cozy...

here is Millie and her otto bisquit soaking up some Vitamin D...or Sun...:)

I had Otto pose with my stuffed lion...the resemblance is uncanny..except for the coloring...

Here is the otto bisq again under my sewing table in his little bed...he is the only one to sleep in this...just makes me smile..he follows me around part of the day like my little puppy dog...and sleeps on my pillow during the night if he's not between us...

here's the Silly Millie all snuggled on the guest bed..Mike had to sleep here the other night cause My snoring was horrendous~ and this is where I found her in the morning...all snug as a bug in a little rug...
it's amazing how they can get comfy anywhere and be happy..wish I could do that...:) have a wonderful wednesday...


  1. Awww, look at all the kitties...too cute. Hey honey, I put the kitty make do that you liked of mine on ebay for .99. Go check him out.

  2. Awww, so cute! I just got home from a long day of work, then errands and grocery shopping and it made me smile to see all your cute kitty babies. I only have one kitty, but aren't they the coziest things around. You know what else is interesting? It seems like all us "artsy" people appreciate kitties. Thanks for the compliments on my paintings. Perhaps a swap would work out for us sometime. Have a cozy kitty evening!

  3. Gina,
    You kitties are soo...sweet. They all look like they are cozy.
    I'm going to email you something that I think you will like.

  4. Gina.Your house looks like mine, i just can't move the kitties while they are sleeping peacefuly on my bed.My cats are like yours they seem to sleep anywhere and look peaceful.I must take pictures of my lot and the dogs.Take care~Kate~

  5. I LOVE your kitties. They are just too precious.