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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I haVe a QuEsTioN...

I have a question to all of you that visit my blog...this has been an ongoing thing in my family..and I want to settle the score...who gets the family rings? the oldest sibling? or is it whom ever you prefer...I hope this is not morbid by any means..just want to know..I have never heard this before so I am just wondering....

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not much going on today..gotta make a dessert for our church's enrichment night tonight...I am going to build a is cold outside today...yesterday we had some was cold and gloomy lots of crafting to gotta get cracking...

have a wonderful day...and be looking for my 200th post giveaway..probably in December...cause I am only 4 away from the big post..will probably do it around the 1st..:)


  1. Hi Gina
    I think it depends on the individual family. In our family, my brothers have been given the family farm, when my parents die I am to get their house and possessions (including rings).
    My mother-in-law however has left her special rings to her 2 daughters, whilst my husband is to get another family heirloom.

  2. I just went through estate planning with my parents and the lawyer said there is no law that says the oldest inherits or gets anything. It is totally up to the person who owns them. Like Gna said - it depends on the family.

  3. In Ethan's family when it comes to jewelry it is a round. The oldest daughter gets first pick and so on and around through the younger until all of the Jewelry is gone. My family doesn't have heirlooms like jewelry as they have all been farmers who didn't get into that kind of thing. Good luck with it!

  4. Depends on the family and their wishes.

    My DH is the youngest of his two brothers and he's actually the one that's going to be beneficiary. I'm sure the other two will be THRILLED to find that out! FIL chose hubby because he's closest to him and knows he'll distribute things fairly.

    I remember when my Great Grandmother died, there was a heck of a family feud. Grandma had three girls but did not give her engagement ring to them. It was given to her youngest granddaughter, her namesake and the only that had no married at the point of her death. What an argument that caused! I remember it vividly and I was only about 9! I just found it ridiculous and swore I would not get into it with my brother about anything!

    Have a great day!


  5. Yes, when there is a big family there will be fueds about inheretance. Luckily my family is POOR, so no one gets a dime...Now, if I go and Dave goes...that will be one hell of a fight!!

    I like the around thing..oldest daughter to youngest...then back to youngest to get it even.

  6. Linda is right about there is no law stating that the eldest gets anything. That is why a will is soooo important! Gets sticky, but a family should split the equilty as fairly as possible understanding that their is never an even split.

    I can't wait for your 200 post CONGRATS! good for you.. I am coming up on me 100 probably in mid Dec! I can't wait.

    I hope you have a great one :) I am running over to your general store to see what you have listed :)