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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WhaTcha WorKin on WedNesDay...

I've got to snow dollies in the works. They are from the pattern by Veena's mercantile..they will be a bit different and can't wait to get them finished...will probably work on them on friday..after my doctors appt..going in for some cortizone shots for my bursitis pain in my hips...don't sleep because of all the pain it hopefully this will help...other then hitting me over the head with a sledge to get the last minute shopping out of the way today..and going to dinner with my hubby tonight...then coming home and brining the turkey for tomorrow...gotta bake the pies too...then tomorrow its the stuffing, turkey, mashed taters, brussels and onions...having a good friend over from church...we are going to knit and watch tv...Mike will probably watch football...duh...:)

went for a nice walk is the kids out to play for a bit today...they of course love it...have a wonderful day and have a safe and happy thanksgiving..Thank you all for making me feel welcome in the blogging world..I love ya!


  1. YOu look busy girlfriend~! I just put up the tree. Making the food tomorrow...I am glad others are cooking too, I was not wanting to do it ALL again..this year.

    Those dolls are gonna be neat. I am so slacking in the doll dept. I guess I would rather make fun items for me then give away more dolls. you know what I mean.

    Happy happy turkey day

  2. Hey, sista! How ya doing? I love your Maxine jokes, she tells it like it is. I'm making pies tonight, too. Blueberry, lemon meringue & pumpkin. I made a Santa today but my fingertips are so sore, I have these little cuts on the ends & it's hard to push a needle through. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving Gina!
    Good luck at your doctors appointment, I'll be thinking about you.

  4. Can't wait to see the dollies done! Maxine always makes me giggle! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! ~Beth~

  5. Gotta love that Maxine!

    Have a great day tomorrow!

  6. Love Maxine too! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Oh Thanks for sharing those Maxine those!!
    And can't wait to see how your dolls turn out. I have a couple of her patterns I have been wanting to play with, but haven't quite gotten to them yet.