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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WhaTcha WorKin on WedNesDay...

Well here's what I have been working on for what feels like forever. I am making these pilgrim ladys (6) total to give away as gifts.but just don't know that I will get them done..very frustrated with the stuffing pellets so they are weighted...they are everywhere on the floor so I put them in little baggies...but ya get a hole and you still get a mess....having a very hard time getting them to stand by have been putting them off...making turkeys too...they are so easy and so much fun to do..just wish these ladies were..
Here is a kitty I have been working on for months..okay not really..its just been sitting around for months to get finished..still need to sew her bottom feet on and her collar...and put whiskers on bored I guess.
Went shopping with my best friend kimmy again yesterday...we always have fun..but we are very bad for each other cause we both spend too much money...went to Joanns and Michaels...although some of the items shown here minus the cute mouse fabric came from Factory Direct. com...I want to make some cute little felt teddy bears and put these little vests and sweaters on them..and on some dollys as well..

Below is some velvet fabric in gray and black and some cream felt along with the cutest holiday spatula and little sister is getting those so she can be set when she bakes..and she bakes..

below is some crackle paint that we bought to put on dolls..I hope to be able to give them a crackle aged appearance...

below the rest of the stuff I got from factory direct..I even got some rusty iceskates to put on a just got to create one..

Here is some paper that I got in the scrapbooking is the heavier going to make crowns, cone hats etc...can't wait..

hope your day is going swell..haven't even started mine yet...and it's 1:30pm I am off to get the house tidyed up and get the kids out for a is a bit cold inside today..could use a fire...other then that it is gorgeous today...tomorrow we have rain...but then nice for the weekend..want to put down some bark in the yard to keep the weed level down for the yard work offically done on monday...but there are those few leaves that are hanging on...let go already so my yard can be clean and a tidy yard and house...
tomorrow our friends (home teachers) from church come over its 3 brothers and one wife..we have them over for dinner once a month..I love it when they come because they are a great bunch of kids...I am making them a pre-thanksgiving tomorrow I will be baking and cooking all day..going to make them each a cornish hen, sweet potatoes that taste like dessert, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and onions, stuffing, and pecan cheese cake pie for dessert..might make the dessert today..and the stuffing...then cook it tomorrow...These guys know how to I am going to stuff them...they won't know what hit em...
have wonderful day everyone...:>)


  1. It looks like you've been really busy and got enough stuff to keep you busy there crafting for awhile! I've never ordered from Factory Direct, but I need to!

    Have fun creating! I hope you get lots accomplished!


  2. Ummm... So what time is dinner tomorrow? :> )
    Man, look at all those goodies!! I love your pilgrim gals and that kitty is adorable!

  3. Hi Gina,
    Did I ever tell you that Factory Direct is about 40 minutes away from where I live? My friend Linda and I go there several times a year...and it is wonderful!! So many things to look at. I can't ever leave there without spending alot. They have great supplies and finished items. I already have a trip plan to go there the week after I want to get some supplies for Christmas presents that I going to make.

    Looks like you have lots of great projects in the works. And your helpers approve of the wool you will be using! Your kitties are just too cute!!
    Hugs, Cindy