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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vets, HairCuTs and DriNkinG...

Our little 17 year old otto bisquit had to go to the vets today to get a check up...they ran some tests to make sure his kidneys and thyroid are functioning properly due to his age...
and as you can see he went in for a haircut...he still needs to have his front bib done..but he was getting to stressed so we bought a comb and hope we can do the rest ourselves...he looks so cute with his "new do"...he just isn't cleaning himself as good as he used we had to get this done..

what a skinny little butt he has..he's getting a drink from the tub..loves the tub...

here is our littlest one Pody Ann who is getting a drink from the sink...she loves the sink... gotta love em! and we certainly love our babies....:)


  1. LOL I've never seen a cat that likes a haircut. How cute~ Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm new at this and don't get a lot of visitors so drop by anytime...bring some friends :)

  2. The last of my daughter's 3 cats just passed away. Today they adopted 3 more, sweet chickee!! LOL Sugar, Lucas and Spot. SPOT?!?! I asked her. She said they may change the names. LOL

  3. Funny hair cut. Ardie used to get doody balls stuff in her long main! uggh. I would have to get the scissors out..yummy.

    Shadow LOVES our tub too! It is the firt thing she goes for when we get up and go to bed or anytime she is near that room. SOmetimes she will start liking the faucet trying to "milk" it...lmao

  4. HAHHA that was a good laugh.. he like like a little wanna be lion! Sooooo cute. I love it! we always brought our poodle to get groomed! They look so cute afterwards. And he loved it, you could tell when he got his hair cut becuase he would parade around like he poo didn't stink!

    Thanks for sharing,