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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This one is going to be an important election..and people don't vote for a democrat or republican, or because you are one or the other..VOTE for the best person who will do a good job and don't vote if you don't know anything about them...I am amazed that folks will vote for a person cause they think he is handsome or has a nice smile or because the way my folks used to vote..they were Demorcrats and that is who they will vote for till the day they educated and know who you are voting for..This is going to be the make it or break it in election history..This election just has my husband and myself flat scared about what our future holds for us...whether we will have a job, or enough food on the table etc...if you think they are both evil, then choose the lesser of the 2 evils...neither one is perfect but we know who we want representing us and its not Obama....there I said it...that man has his own agenda and I think he is going to hurt this country more then anyone realizes...if you all remember the Carter administration..well thats where we are headed..waiting in line for hours to get gas etc...and if you all believe in partial birth abortions...this is what this man believes really think about who you are voting for...okay I am off my soap box...

me too...:)


I choose to blow them...into the neighbors yard, back to where they came from as they can't seem to do it themselves...does anyone have this same problem? gets old really 14 years old, old...have a great day today..I am working up some great ideas for our upcoming shop giveaway...stay posted for November is going to be good...maybe you will get your christmas shopping done...:)


  1. Hi Gina. I sent a email to you about the patterns. Check your junk mail incase it goes in there. Thanks so much.. have a good day. Annie

  2. Hi Gina,

    I am with you 1000 per cent ... I have been praying for this election like no other ... People are not seeing the real picture here at all with *that* person.. his cousin is a terriorist in Kenya and he was muslin for 31 years until his wife made him change so he could get into politics. His father is 100 per cent Arab.
    love your little cartoons !
    Love all your new goodies .. I love signs and sayings.. I have them here and there in my home,

  3. Isn't it great we all get to decidee= who to vote for? Not that our individual votes count if the electorate in your home state votes another way.... I think that needs to change!!