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Thursday, October 30, 2008


too funny...


  1. LOLOLOL - funny but sad at the same time. Too cute!

  2. I am truly laughing so hard I'm crying, chick!!! Only we old people would ever understand this!!! LOL LOL Ohmygosh......

  3. Hi! I was just reading your blog and I am still laughing from all your "funnies"! I like the kitty thinking of excellent barf. lol When I had new carpet installed last year and the salesman asked what color of carpet I had in mind, I said, "something close to the color of cat puke". If you have cats, you understand. lol those stains are terrible! After reading your profile, I see we have a lot in common. Anyway---to your question, yes you just paint the crackle stuff on and then antique when it dries. It tells you how on the bottle. The thicker the application, the heavier the crackle will be. With paintings, I try to keep it kind of thin so as not to hide the details of the painting. Good Luck!