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Friday, August 8, 2008

WhaT do YoU CaLL GoInG #2

Well this is going to be an unusual blog this morning...I was inspired by my friend BriTT to do this...(she tells me she has good ones for me)...After reading her blog on "Diva Cups" what will they think of next..I have never heard of these before have you? I of course have not...and would not have used them any way...There menstrual cups..I was a fan of "Always"...not that I liked wearing a diaper per say..but I never got the tampon thing down thank goodness for always...loved the wings...Now I am going to date my self a bit...back when I was young (13 to be exact) that is when I became a woman, we had to use the pads with the long strings to tie them onto our panties that had those 2 ties on them...what a huge pain that was as they slipped all over.. so you just knew it was going to leak...and it when "Always came along with that sticky back...well that was AWESOME!!!...
Did you ever read the book "Are you there God, it's me Margaret? I loved that book....:)
okay now for the interesting part of this blog... what do you call when you go do the #2?
when I was young my mom called it...are you ready for this?........Grunting! yep you heard me when I was young that is what I called it...I don't now cause it sounds so disgusting.this word should be left for the Marines! my husband was a grunt in the marines..I must say, saying that word makes me giggle a now for the play on are a few that I can think of.....
taking a duke
a poop...very common I think...
taking a S**t..nuff said..I don't use that ...that is swearing...
pinching one off..
okay I am making my self giggle now..:)
pinching a loaf...
taking a dump...another common one I am sure...
Okay now for you folks... And Britt these better be good...if you haven't read her blog you must..she is so flipping funny for a youngster..I say youngster because she's old enough to be my daughter...instead she is the daughter of my junior high school chum...
Well that is it for me today...hope I haven't grossed anyone out on this subject...but I think it needed to be who am I kidding..I had nothing else to say...hope your friday is off to a wonderful start...heading out to be with my bestest friend Kimmy, we are going to Joanns and then to Pacific fabrics...our favorites...then maybe lunch....:)


  1. My absolute favorite word for #2 (is it strange that there is such thing as a favorite word for 'poop?') is "twosie."

    And since I change diapers frequently (my son's, not my own), here are the ways I ask him if he pooped:

    "Nicky, did you make a poop?"

    "Nicky, are you lumpy?"

    "Nicky, do you have stinks?"

    Grunting. Ha ha! That's hilarious! Nicky used to make a really funny noise when he pooped. He'd wheeze and scream. The first time he did it, I almost took him to the hospital because he hadn't pooped for 11 days and all of a sudden he started making that hideous noise. Turns out, that was just his thing. He was very vocal about it, so in addition to 'grunting' you can also say 'wheezing.'

  2. Oh Britt,
    that is tooooo funny..thanks for sharing...I too am vocal when I go..sometimes..and I certainly would have been very vocal and screaming if I hadn't gone in 11 days...Crap!!! no pun are such a nut..I just love we should talk about "farts" just the word alone makes me favorite movie with farts is dumb and dumber....oh that will be for another blog day..I am sure..take care...

  3. Wow, that is weird. DO they sell that here in America?

  4. yes they do....I haven't checked but they have em in Utah....