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Friday, August 8, 2008

GoT FaBriC? mY coNtinuiNg LoVe AffaIR!!!

I went to Joanns today with my best friend Kimmy....and we always have so much fun together...just love my kimmy...any way we both bought the same fabric..I tell you we are 2 peas in a pod..I also bought more fleece to make hats scarves etc...bought all the fall colors..colors I would love to have in my house..have some of the warm fall colors, they are so warm and inviting...any way the ones listed above are fabulous! the 2 on the left are going to be a purse or 2..the rest are halloween fabrics..collars etc..and the 3 striped ones..I see witch legs in their future..might use them all at once to make her really funky...just a thought..
I got my better homes and garden holiday crafts book and there is Pam Garcia's (soft in the head) pattern for this cute little snowman...there were alot of neat crafts in this magazine...can't wait to make some...;)

I bought myself another iron..dropped the new one that I had so it no longer now i have 3 2 for crafts and 1 for nice items...that don't have all that primness to them...its a sunbeam and they are on sale right now at joanns for $24.99

here is my magazine...and I bought tote bags to make halloween trick or treat bags out of them..I want to embroider on them...okay...gotta go let the kids out to frolic in the is such a nice day...and they know have a great weekend..will see you all tomorrow...
Gina :)

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  1. Gina, sounds like you had a great time. And what great finds you got!! Can't wait to see the crazy witch legs! lol
    Just browsing around...I have your name for the wsoapp swap ya know! Thought your blog might help give me some clues into what you'd like best...
    I've really enjoyed reading about you here! I'll be back again for more updates!
    Enjoy the evening,