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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

PrAcTiCal ReCipEs for The HoUsEwiFe

Hi there folks,
I found this recipe book and there are some pretty neat recipes in is called "Practical Recipes for the Housewife.. its a whole book of recipes that someone must have copied page after page...anyway I thought I would share that with you as you may find a new favorite you can't live without...
Well yesterday was quite interesting...We decided to go look at cars just to find one that had GREAT gas mileage as it doesn't look like gas prices are going down anytime the FIRST and only place we stopped at was our Local Toyota dealer...well needless to say we were ONLY LOOKING as it was the FIRST place we stopped at..they had a car that we liked but we still wanted to shop around...OH have I mentioned how much we HATE SALESMAN! you know they have to do their good guy/bad guy routine for you so you think they are really out there to get you the best deal and all...well Shawn our salesman brought out the "Quote" and we looked it over and they were charging us $1,102.50 for here in our state they are about $35-40 dollars...oooopppsss slight oversight huh..I guess they thought we wouldn't be looking to close...well he kept asking us what it would take to get us in that car..we told him to give it to us at a certain amount (which we knew they would never do) and that we were just looking and wanted to weigh out all of our he goes back to his know to run the numbers yet again...and out walks his now he proceeds to RE-HASH everything that Shawn just went over...and we talked for 25 more flippin minutes until I got up and said I have had enough, now you are pissing me off. We are reshashing and rehashing and now it feels high pressure and we are done I walked away..and boy let me tell you...he stopped dead in his tracks and started back peddleling trying to make it right...I am no longer afraid (never was) but yesterday certainly made me say I don't care.. I am not going to waste my time and energy on this crap...they wasted 2 hours of our day for NOTHING...okay off my soap box....Ladies don't be afraid to just walk away and tell them what you think...It felt so good to just say we are outta here and good bye..Usually I am the nice one and Mike will just say we are done...well we did a role reversial and it felt so GOOD...Toyota is supposed to be a great their cars..but honestly... I think they have lost our business... We have had only one guy that has ever impressed us.. his name was Paul Tew....that was over 24 years don't find them that often, but when you do....
Anyway, I have lots of stitchen to do today for my great friend Jenny so I hope you are all staying cool and happy..


  1. Sounds all too familiar. I used to work for a dealership. Oh and they were all so sexist...if I wasn't so nice Iwould have had a major sexual descrimination suit, but I just quit..and moved on. I was young, these days being married, I would probably sued and won some money...oh well. Comes around goes around and sewing is not ever nice either way.

    I hope you get a nice deal and a smooth transaction, next time.

    Thanks for mentioning me again :) your cute! Get busy girlfriend!!!



  2. You go girl! I know totally what you mean. I get so uptight around sales people. They just rub me the wrong way. The second car I bought, there were a lot of tears involved AND it was even a friend of a friend who sold it to me. He worked for the dealership of course so whaddaya expect eh? The van we have now, the dude told us we HAD to buy a warranty or the loan wouldn't go through. Later on we found out from the loan company that it was a bunch of crap. Is anyone honest anymore? Sheesh!

  3. these guys sure weren't and Mike seriously wants to mess with them and possibly turn them in...Its not right especially for people who do pay those high tab fees..they may have totally overlooked it, but Mike caught it and the guy acted like he was shocked...crooked...we won't be going was the Toyota dealer in Bremerton...just a heads up..