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Sunday, June 29, 2008


here is the finished product above...pretty neat huh?

Hi there again folks,

I decided to film my machine doing the embroidery...This is my very "FIRST" order with my machine...this is for Jen of Wonders of Whimsy..This is a scarf I am making her...I am putting this design on both ends of the scarf...Here is one end finished... what do you think..I will take photos of the guys scarves when I am done..They too will be skulls with wings.

If anyone wants a scarf for their loved one, let me know..You can choose your design and if I have it I will do it or I will look for something...

I heard a joke that my nephew told my mom. Why didn't the skull cross the road? He didn't have the guts....(drum, symbol)...thank you very's 10...too funny and appropriate for this blog today.....


  1. OMG!~ I love it! Love it. Way better than I would have ever thought...So, I may have to order more for someother folks...LOL

    So, pretty I cannot wait. A hat to go with weould be perfect. I stll need to get that to you...darn.

    Maybe I can explain it...THANKS for sharing that...I am sooo excited.

    LET IT SNOW!!!!!~

  2. I am so glad you like it...did you watch the video? just for you my dear..I am working on your hubbys as we speak...

  3. LOl, of course I watched the video! lol That is neat. They had one in our sewing class...very cool. I have nbever used it though. I am really liking that scarf so much I may want another I am sure my sister would dig it..

  4. just let me know. I have plenty of pink left. I also have slate blue, aqua/teal, sage/olive green. Tan/khaki, black, gray, charcoal grey, red, turquoise. or let me know which when you are ready...

  5. A creatin' sewin' embroideryin' fool, Miss Cat Nap Inn!! I want to see some roses on kitchen towels, my little feline lovin' friend!!!!

  6. I actually do have some roses...and some seed packet type ones too with forget me nots and larkspur I believe...I will get one done for you to see...I am an embroidering is so much it...hope all is well...

  7. A teal one would be pretty for my sister in law..but can you add a teal or corridinating skull? I would like a light grey w/the pink emboridery, do you have that color?

    I have to ask if my sister likes pink...I am not sure if she does. So I will get back to you on that.

    Busy busy you will be!

  8. I have seen those machines in action and girls would keep me busy with it, if I had one!

    My son would love it, if he seen it...but he is not one to where scarves. Ya know kids.

    Thanks for posting my blog giveaway.

    Have a good one.