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Friday, July 11, 2008

HoW MuCh FaBriC do YoU haVe?

Hello there Folks, I thought I would take a few photos of my fabric stash! I got these bins from Joanns (I used to work there) and they had extra so I got 2 of them..They come in so handy and keep everything nicely organized..This is where I store most of my fabric in my craft closet..I have it organized by color and holiday...I tidyied this up for the photo and I needed to organize it as it was becoming to where I couldn't get to stuff very easily...This bin has 8 bins and they are full to the brim with fabric..I used to have more but when you find yourself not using it, time to put it on Ebay...Which is what I did...down below is still some that is left over...
Here are the fabrics and linens that I am trying to has been on ebay a couple of if you see anything you like let me know..Keep the middle man out of it...:)
(click onto the photo to enlarge)..

This is my craft bin on the left that holds all my odds and ends for crafting..I love these things and have 2 more in my craftroom with odds and ends...On the right of that is a metal bin that I got years ago from an antique store I used to work at.. it currently holds levi's, felt and larger fabric like old wool blankets etc...

Here is my Pattern Stash! I have sold alot of patterns last year maybe close to a 100 and this is what I have left..I make copys and put them onto posterboard and put them in big manilla envelopes with the pattern written on front and who the designer is..I also try to keep these organized by holidays etc...down below that is more fleece and flour sack towel and sweatshirts just waiting for me to create something with them...
I am currently working on a witch doll by Back Porch Pickins and she is almost done then onto some more halloween crafts. It feels so good to be sewing again...Of course I love the embroidery part as well this is a nice change..
On another note I have only 7 more posts till my Big Blog Give-a-way Contest...I am gathering lots of goodies for the keep your eyes peeled...
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend...Tell me about your craft closet...:)


  1. Hi Gina~

    That is one mighty stash. As soon as I clean my closet, I will show you mine..lmao.

    Mine is really good especailly since it has only taken me 4 months to get it..that is how long I have been crafting..Gosh I am still an infant. WHAAAHH! :)

    Have a great weekend!!


  2. Oh Jenny My little "baby"...hehehee I still think my girlfriend tops me still..but I am a close 2nd..I can't wait to see your "STaSH"...have a great weekend too...:)

  3. Gina, you REEEEEEALLLLLLYYY don't want to know, sweet cat chick!! I think there are pix of my fabric stash somewhere on my blog, honey. You're going to be shocked though!

    OOOOOOhhhh, what is the ebay ID of the friend of your sister's who makes the faux McKenzie-Childs stuff?? I'd like to look at it.

    Smoochies, my sweetpea,

  4. That reminds me of my mom's stash. Hee hee!