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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

FaBrIc WonDerfuL GloRioUs FaBriC

Well I went shopping yesterday with my best friend Kimmy and found some of the cutest Halloween fabric and regular fabric ever..The picture didn't turn out well as the flash didn't go off so the colors aren't showing up well..All of this is going up on Ebay this week some if you are interested let me know. The halloween fabrics I have 1 yard each..The other side I am keeping some of it and don't know how much I will be selling of it.The little package is seam binding in polkadots and is so flippin cute..I can't wait to use it on some doll dresses or my sweat jackets....I got 4 patterns from Back Porch Pickins and can't wait to get started on them...I have the patterns prepped now I need to get the ball rolling...We are finally getting our summer..always happens right after the 4th of July..and it is warm and humid...heck if it gets to 75 we hate it...don't like sweatin in the shade...Hope your Wednesday is going well and getting lots done...unfortunately...I have got nothing done today...oh well...I am working on some fleece hats and doing some embroidery on them..when I get them to where I like them I will post them on my blog...I have some cute purses I want to make and have the ideas in my head and some cute tags to go with them...I have almost come to my 100th post so be looking for a giveaway...I am going to be doing a contest...this is going to be fun...have a wonderful day. :)


  1. You did well, my "catty" chickee! I can't wait!!

  2. Those fabrics are cute! I hope you are getting something doen, today!