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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

JuSt Love My New EmBroiDerY MaChInE!

This is my latest project done today...I am making scarves and embroidering on them...I am having so much flippin fun with this machine...course I haven't sewn the old fashioned way in a while and I must...but this embroidery stuff is too fun...
This scarf is currently listed on my ebay right now for an excellent price I think...$9.99 + shipping..I added two silver snowflakes and these photos do not do this scarf justice..and I added the word "Believe" with 3 yellow stars above it..

This is the smaller snowflake...I waved around the scarf for added definition and also the fringe..This is the sofest fleece too...feels so good around your neck...I am going to make some halloween ones to..what do you think? it gets cold on those halloween nights and these would be nice to have...I am currently starting another baby blanket...going to start that one tomorrow..then more flour sack towels.. I got some of the neatest designs...may use these towel this year with my homemade treats to give as little gifts to the neighborhood...I always try to do something different every doing it..just wish more would come my way too...oh well...Hope your tuesday has gone well..WE had the most glorious day today..felt so good, nice breeze and the kids out to play in some crafting done and even worked in the yard I gotta go fix dinner...well take care and have a great rest of the week..


  1. Ohmygosh, my sweetpea, are you blessed or what?!?!?! An embroidery machine!!!!!! Screamin' with delight for ya, chick!

  2. trust me, its not the $10,000 dollar one..that is the cadillac, mine is the lexus...but i love it....great fun too....

  3. Those look sooo cozy! Halloween ones would be great. When I got my first sewing machine (a cheap one) it had a stitch that made I heart stitched anything for abiut an hour!! I'd go crazy with an embroidery machine...I'll probably never get one...but I never thought I'd ever make a doll....never say never!