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Friday, May 2, 2008

My SiSter PeggY and DoNNy OsMonD!

Wow! I just got this picture from my sister and she is standing with Donny Osmond! know when I was younger, I was 18 (I grew up in Utah), well my girlfriend and I went dancing at the Star Palace in Provo which is where Donny was from at the time and we were hoping he was going dancing so we could meet such now 27 years later, my big sister gets to meet him...go figure...I grew up on the Donny and Marie show..Loved it..we even got to get our ears pierced when she had hers done...I was 16 years old when I got mine pierced..That was in 1980...boy did I just date myself or what...I yam what I
I did meet a famous person as well. It was the Professor on Gilligans Island...He lives in our area and where I used to work he came in and I got introduced..Very nice man...I of course was giddy as a school girl and was so embarrased..but I pulled through...
well thats my wahoo news of the day...gotta go grocery shopping and mail off about 9 packages for my awesome ebayers...Hope your day is wonderful...

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