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Saturday, May 17, 2008

LooKing FoR soMetHinG nEw!

Well I am in one of those moods to redecorate..and I have my eye on the livingroom...Wish I could do this myself, but that dang entertainment center is huge and a stuffed full and too heavy to move by waiting patiently for the hubby to get home from work and hopefully talk him into helping me...I just want something a little different...kind of my summer theme and then change it back in the we can enjoy the fire...I cleaned the woodstove and put the extra wood hopefully we are done with that..I will miss it though as I love a cozy fire to keep us toasty and the kids love it...I tell you if they are gettin out of hand...just lite a fire and they go lie right down and take a nap..cheapest babysitter I will take photos of the re-arranged living room when I get it done...keep your fingerscrossed that Mike will agree to help me...I remember as a kid my mom would rearrange the living room and it was my favorite place to be..cause it was new...she would do this maybe once a month and I loved since its the only room in the house it is time for a change.. I get that way come spring...nice to just shake it up a bit...I did rotate the kitchen table and I like the room a whole new perspective... still trying to get stuff posted on ebay...Went shopping with "My Kimmy" yesterday and had a ball, we always do..I just love chillin with Kimmy....found some fun stuff to post on ebay...will see how it goes..and digging around the house yet again for more to sell...tired of looking at it and dusting if you sit too still at my house, I just might put you on the old auction block...:)
We are getting warm muggy hopefully it will cool of this evening...either way... Mike is putting in the window airconditioner for us tonight...time for that again...but looking forward to getting summer on its way...we are due for some sunny the veggies planted and all of my little I just gotta keep em watered..I usually do...Love playing in the dirt...just wish I had an easy button for the weeds though....we have bazillion little maple starts that need to be yanked out of the yard...Love our maples in the summer...but hate them come fall and then come spring when all the babys hatch....(well you know what I mean)'t believe all the dandilions this year...OMG...they are far so good for us. If I see one it gets picked and thrown we are doing really well...just wish the rest of the neighborhood would follow suit....would make my life a whole lot easier...Well I hope your weekend is going well... Take care and enjoy the weather...
P.S. Remember today is Armed forces day.. So please keep our Military in your prayers for a safe return...:)
I was surfing the net and looking to see when our annual Lavendar Festival is and There is a video on the Lavendar festival from 2 years ago...And guess who's on TV and didn't know it till last year and yours truly is in all her is the link to watch this..when you hit 1:43 seconds you will see me...don't blink or you will miss it...I have a turquoise shirt on with sunglasses and I am holding a huge bouquet of Lavendar...Calm down folks.. there is enough of me to go around...hhhhhhhhhhhhhhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I am only kidding...enjoy the is a beautiful place to go..smells so good and the lavendar icecream is to die for...loved it...There are about 8-10 farms that you get to tour and there are vendors is a great day if you are in our neck of the woods go to the lavendar festival...

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  1. How COOL is that??? You, too, are famous!!! I enjoyed seeing your lovely face. It put a smile on mine :-)