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Friday, February 8, 2008

Our littlest, Pumpkin

Hey there, its me again with our last one! Meet Pumpkin or as we call her, Po Pump... as you can tell from the photos she can get comfortable anywhere, preferably in front of the wood stove with a nice hot fire blazing away... She loves her photo taken and is such a joy to have... We just love her...she always makes us smile and she too has an unusual meow and she barks too., At least it sounds that way to us...She too came from Petsmart...she was so lively in that little cage, but I was strong and walked away. needless to say when I got home and told my hubby about her he said do you want to go and get her? I said YES. So I called to see if she was still there and the rest is history...She is such an adventurer... you have to keep a close eye on her or she will disappear...she too has no fear, so our indoor babys are supervised outside...My hubby even made me a huge pen to put them in so they can still play outside... We call it the OKay Kitty Koral...they love it as they get to go outside and watch the birds and squirrels and are safe and that makes this mama happy...Cause if mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy....:)

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