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Friday, February 8, 2008

Gracie May and Milllie Jean

Hi there again, This is Gracie and Millie 2 sisters that came to live with us after the loss of our Emma Jean.. These 2 beautys came from Petsmart as well..I swear I can't go to that store without looking at the eye candy...and one or two will catch our eyes...Actually we were only going to get one, but these 2 were left and they were sisters and we couldn't split them the rest is history.. Gracie has become the Queen of the household with Millie as her back up...together they raise alot of you know what together.. they don't take crap from no one...they are so different, yet so alike.. Gracie is very independent doesn't like the lap much and Millie is the love butt and loves to be on your lap...and they sure let you know when its time to eat...Gracie will walk all over you...very subtle too...NOT lol... We Love em...You know the Saying: cats are like potato chips, you can't have just one...:) that is our motto

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