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Friday, February 8, 2008

Emma Jean

Hello there, I will try to condense these so you don't get bored. This little sweetie is our Emma Jean! (she's the little black one) She came to us after our Bear passed away. Our home felt empty and she came at the right time. She was left by her mama and my girlfriend found her. She called me up and said do you want a cat, I said what does she look like and she told me black. and I said I would be right over..She was the sweetest most curious, fearless little kitty I think we have ever had.. She was a bit lonely so we got Sun E Bear whom we call sun E Buns. (she is the little cream colored one being held by my Husband Mike. These two were inseperable. It took 3 days and they were friends for life... Emma loved to be spooned and to ride on my husbands back like a parrot. And she loved to explore...She thought the world was her friend and wasn't afraid of anything, until the day she was attacked by a dog and died that night. She was only 1 year old!. I think her death hurt me worse then my boo bear's did... She was ripped from me in a way I cannot explain. My heart is still heavy and sad from our loss...Her sister Sunny felt it bad too. She was just finding herself and growing up when this senseless thing happened. Mind you I don't blame the dog, I blame the owners for not having him in a fenced yard...But I will not go into that.. Sunny lost her best friend in 2004. Emma in the photo on the left loved her Stanley...Oh she loved to snuggle him...As you can see...Stanley is one of our 3 italian kittys that we adopted while living in Naples Italy. We were stationed there and we fed them all and Stanley was about 4 weeks old when we found him coming out of some berry bushes heading into traffic. I think God put him there at the exact time for me to find him as I was out walking with my girlfriend and heard this mewing..the rest is history...He has to be our biggest cat too...He is such a cuddle butt when he wants to be.. Sunny came from Petsmart, my husband found her and we took her home for Emma...Sunny is a total love child and loves to nurse on my husband neck...something she has always done and still continues to do...she sleeps inbetween us every night..She is a lover too...

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