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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy ThaNksGiVinG EveryOne..;)

 Good Morning everyone..its been so long since I have blogged thought I would stop by to say hi and wish you all a very happy thanksgiving...not much has gone on the last of the leaves to take care and then put the garden to bed and I am done..still crocheting like crazy to get ready for my show at the end of the month..having a quiet thanksgiving at home..making Trace's bacon covered turkey and other stuff..

 thankful for my online friends...
 well I have lost a bit more weight 104 down and am down to a size 7 now..never been this size before..feel great..
a little eye bling..they are little jewels..they are so much fun..along with the false eyelashes..well I am going to get my butt in gear and  get tucky out for his walk and take care of those leaves and garden..I made bacon peanut butter cookies last night..not too impressed but going to run them to hubbys work today and check out a job that I have an app in for..Hope you all have a great weekend and a very happy thanksgiving..

Friday, October 19, 2012

FiNaLLy a BloG eNtrY and The BiG ReVeaL..HoLd OntO youR SeAts...

 Well hello there everyone!!! man I can't believe its been a month since I last blogged..and I will say I haven't missed it..I miss my friends out there..but haven't missed blogging this may be my last..haven't decided yet..might have to put up some more of what I have been making and when I do my gift show at the end of November..but I've decided to give you the big reveal..something that has been a part of my life since february of 2011..I have reached my goal of my weightloss journey..and then some..I started out at 242 pounds and now weigh...140 pounds..thats 102 pounds gone..started wearing a 18/20 now in a size 9 I feel amazing!! like nothing I can describe..I feel like me only better..its like I have been reborn and it feels so good..
 this photo was taken in december of 2010..and that following year was when it all started happening..I will tell you what set me on my journey..I went to the doctors for kidney stones and found out I had polycystic kidney disease that my mom passed to me and my big sister..(I had testing done when I was 22) and they told me I didn't have it..but my renal doctor in February of 2011 told me otherwise and I knew right then I needed to take better care of myself..and so it began..eating better..eating less..and walking..

 taken december 2006
 december 2009
 december 1985
 december 2011
 tada!!!! these were all taken with in the last month...
 I will tell you spandex is a gals best hides a mulititude of sins I tell you...
 my favorite jeans..Ana jeans from them in February..and now they fit better then ever..more comfortable..
 this was taken this last tuesday..

so what do you think? big change huh..sometimes I still can't believe that I have done this and feel so good to  boot..I love life taking my walks with my dog..and still showing the treadmill whose boss..I love getting dressed up again and I will say..its also nice to get a glance from the opposite sex..not going to lie..its a huge ego boost and keeps me on track...I like being me for the first time in my life...I am out looking for work again..will see how that goes..but am looking..would love to have surgery but it is going to cost 14, need to save up for it..This is the thinnest I have ever been in my life..and never thought it would happen..but I am so happy to have been on this journey and will just feels so good to not stay with it..I have to be healthy so with whatever comes my way with my kidneys..I am prepared for that next step..I have been staying busy all summer long and fall getting the yard wrapped up for the winter..I stacked over 7 cord of wood..its all done..covered and ready to I am blowing/raking the leaves out from the trees...getting the plants deadheaded..I also put out very little halloween decor this I guess its time to  get rid of some stuff..might get rid of a lot in my craftroom too..its going to be huge is all I can say..don't want to craft any more..hearts just not into it any more..but I still love to crochet and thats what I am doing now..I hope you all out there are well and happy..I will try to stop by from time to time and do an update..not making any promises though..guess its just starting a whole new chapter in my life I guess..i have loved the friends I have made and loved getting to know you all..take care and have a wonderful weekend and if i don't get back on here..happy halloween.)

Friday, September 21, 2012

I'Ve BeEn A BuSy GaL... FaLL DeCoR..PlaYinG CaTcHuP..:>)

 Hello there everyone..sorry its been so long since I last posted..I have been reading some of your blogs..but only lurking..haven't been on here much..I have been so busy this summer trying to get stuff done in our yard since that tree fell and the tree we had taken racing against the weather to get it done so we can sit back and enjoy our work..I did however get my fall decor up..and on the first of October I will be putting up halloween.I tell you this month has just flown by..I stopped at rite aid a couple of weeks ago and picked up 3 mum plants..they are now out in the landscape getting their "sun" on...Here is what I did for my fall decorating.)

 next year hubby is going to paint my woodstove for me..I think I am going to go for red if I can talk him into it.;)its showing its wear so its time..still gotta clean the chimney before the season month..its on our to do list..

 this is where I found Silly Millie after I got done decorating..she is on the vanity in the entry way.;)
 I just love that girl..she makes me smile..she looks so cozy there.;)

 thats pop-a-pop (napoli) helping me..he is my exercise buddy when I do my treadmill..he waits for a good pet.;)
 got my fall colored quilt on..
 the stairwell..I downloaded the subway fall picture and printed it up and stuck it in a frame...
 I have my creamy pumpkin soap at the kitchen sink..oh my gosh does it smell yummy.;)
 I cut some sunflowers from my garden and put them in a thermos..
 and here's where they are now.;)
 I changed out my cream colored curtains for my fall ones..
 again I changed out the curtains in the livingroom for these fall colored one..amazing how the room changes with the different colors..I love how warm and cozy it got..I love this time of where the sun hits at certain times of the day.;)
 here is sunny bunny doing what she does best..sunning herself..;)

 I was at the kitchen window yesterday morning and saw this deer flit by.can you see her? shes in the neighbors yard..
 there she goes..
 okay this has been the busiest week I have ever had in my life and its going to continue again today..I painted the shed..the front and sides..hubby did the back..we still need to put the white finish trim up..(I painted them this week) and put up the lattice work..will share when its all done..I also painted the door and existing trim..oh it needed to be freshened up something fierce..the color is a bit deeper then the original barn red..oh I love it.;)I moved 2 truckloads of gravel into the open part of the shed yesterday and have 2 more to do today..then I am done..10 truckloads of stuff this week and I tell you gravel is the hardest to do..Yesterday was spent mopping floors, gravel for the shed..taking Tucker for his 2 mile walk..splitting more wood..raking leaves and pruning back some dead plants for fall..let me tell you it was a busy but invigorating day..:)I don't know where my energy is coming from..but I love it..I couldn't have done this 2 years way..wouldn't have had the strength or energy..would have had hubbys help...thats how good I feel now.;)
 okay I moved 3 truck loads of cedar chips into the cat kennel (shown below)..and I moved 3 truck loads of regular bark shown here..
 and here...
 I moved an old wheelbarrow to this spot year I am planting it..
 I also barked over to here...see the fence off to the left of the picture..that was our old dogs kennel and we are stacking the wood in it..I stacked all of that last week..8 rows so far..thats a big kennel..12x12..I tell you its working out my arms..great exercise..
 I made 3 loaves of Zuchinni bread and gave 2 to friends and we kept one..and I pretty much at the whole thing..but it was made I didn't feel guilty in the slightest..
 I have been crocheting at night..and  I made these 4 cute hats...
 snowman with hat..the cute little birdy.(its my favorite)...
 the puppy dog (my second favorite) and the bear hat..I can make these in adult sizes if anyone is interested..they are 25 for baby/childrens..and 35 for adults...well that is it for hard work has paid off this week..I am down another my total is 95 pounds with 2 more to go...tomorrow I am spending the day with my girlfriend it's her birthday and we are going to lunch and getting pedicures..I am so excited..a purfect way to end this busy week.;) I have lots more to clothes and boots that I got at Fred Meyers last week..oh I love my new sweaters and are some funnies..Take care and have a wonderful weekend everyone.;) thanks for stopping by and saying hi.;)
 your singing it now aren't you?..;)lol..